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> Hi everyone.
> I'm planning to write a short document about some guidelines for  
> translating W3C documents.
> These guidelines should be focused on some semantic and lexical aspects  
> of W3C documents.
> This is a work in progress for the future. Anyway, I have a big restraint
> due to the limits of my own language, i.e. Italian.
> If someone wants to join the project, he/she will be welcome.
> Everyone should bring his/her experience in translating,
> adding examples taken from its own language (for istance, explaining the
> linguistic choice used in the translation).
> In fact, this should be a co-work in progress. I'll be waiting  for your
> answers. Bye.
> Gabriele Romanato

Dear Gabriele, dear Andrea, dear translators

Gabriele Romaneto as a volunteer translator is proposing to write some  
guidelines for translating W3C documents, Andrea Garcia-Falces as  
Communication Staff of the W3C Spain Office is interested to contribute to  
writing guidelines for translating W3C documents in different languages.

We have two volunteers to work on this project to write some guidelines to  
translators. We currently have a few tips at and if  
I understand correctly, this is not enough.

We recommend that our most experienced translators be involved in the  
work, at least for review and discussion on the list. We think a  
cooperation with people who have done a huge translation work for us, and  
who therefore know a lot about practice (JJ Solari, Erno Pataki, K Dubost,  
S Mintert, S Schumacher, C Hsu, etc...) would add significantly to the  

The final product will be an informal web page linked off the Translation  

Would you like to work on a wiki? How do you wish to conduct the work?

Best regards,

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