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Semantic Web Activity Proposal v1.5 Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 15 December)

telcon tomorrow at 14:40Z (I think) Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 15 December)

Regrets for Thursday meeting Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 15 December)

reminder: planning discussion this Thursday Ralph R. Swick (Monday, 6 December)

DARPA Agent Based Computing thingy Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 1 December)

Darpa Program: Semantic Web Stefan Decker (Friday, 26 November)

Re: Semantic Web & annotations Daniel J. Weitzner (Monday, 22 November)

possibility of a get-together? Ralph R. Swick (Wednesday, 17 November)

semantic web DNS Massimo Marchiori (Friday, 12 November)

Semantic Web development project Ralph R. Swick (Friday, 12 November)

test of new list Gerald Oskoboiny (Friday, 12 November)

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