Semantic Web Activity Proposal v1.5

OK... I think I've made enough progress that we can usefully
discuss it tomorrow morning; I hereby release the "write-lock".

Activity Proposal: The Semantic Web Development Initiative
$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 1999/12/15 20:24:17 $ $Author: connolly $ 

"Executive Summary 

         We propose to continue the W3C Metadata Activity as a
         Semantic Web Development Iniatiative: 
  general, continue the work of the RDF Interest Group,
              coordinating implementation and deployment of RDF. 
  particular, apply XML and RDF technologies to the W3C
              Web site to increase the level of automation of the W3C
              Process. "

Dan Connolly

Received on Wednesday, 15 December 1999 15:29:33 UTC