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[ExternalEmail] ISSUE-4 (Accuracy-etc): Modelling accuracy and related properties of a sensor's measurement

ISSUE-5 (Separation of examples): Delivery of the SSN XG ontology and of examples in separate files

ISSUE-6 (Pub. on ext. web sites): Versions of the SSN ontology published on external web sites

ISSUE-7 (Doc format/generation): Documentation format - Generation of documentation derived from the OWL file

ISSUE-8 (Weather station / Severe weather event example): SSN Ontology and Semantic Markup example: sensor performance (rainfall intensity) and value-adding annotations for extreme weather events

ISSUE-9 (Ontology status after the closure of the XG): Define if and how changes to the XG ontology should be managed after the XG is finished

Observations and Measurements v2.0 is now officially available from ISO

operating and survival conditions

SSN-XG Meeting Minutes 16 June 2010

SSN-XG Meeting Minutes 2 June 2010

SSN-XG Meeting Minutes 22 June 2010

SSN-XG Meeting Minutes 8 June 2010

SSN-XG Meeting Reminder 02-June-2010

SSN-XG Meeting Reminder 02-June-2010 (work plan for the semantic markup tasks)

SSN-XG Meeting Reminder 16-June-2010

SSN-XG Meeting Reminder 22-June-2010

SSN-XG Meeting Reminder 30-June-2010

SSN-XG Meeting Reminder 8-June-2010

SSN10: call for papers

Status of Operating model example - Reuse of external ontologies by the XG - What happens after the XG issues?

Web-based questionnaire about the participation to the SSN XG teleconfs this summer

Zakim Europe numbers malfunctioning

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