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ACTION-2119: Add update() method

ACTION-2120: Research the relationship between the recalculate (etc) events and the actions

ACTION-2121 - Reformulate text for @incremental

ACTION-2121: Reformulate text for @incremental

ACTION-2122: Update the spec @incremental text

ACTION-2123: Update the control events as per the email.

ACTION-2124: Deprecate the refresh etc events

ACTION-2125: Check whether js always queues events.

ACTION-2126: Update dispatch text not to accept garbage for @delay

ACTION-2127: Tighten wording about effect of @delay on <dispatch/>

Agenda 2017-05-10

Agenda 2017-05-17

Agenda 2017-05-24

Agenda 2017-05-24 (v2)

Agenda 2017-05-31

Default for dispatch/@targetid


Dispatch with delay="0"

Event marking and dispatch

Events after xforms-disabled

FYI: Mavo

JavaScript event queuing

Minutes 2017-05-10

Minutes 2017-05-17

Minutes 2017-05-24

Minutes 2017-05-31

Regrets for call today

Reminder: Call this Wednesday

Validation and optional fields

XForms from XSDs?

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