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For clarity: I'm not saying we need to change anything in how XForms  
behaves on this front, only the description, which leads you to believe  
that since the default behaviour is non-incremental, *all* controls only  
update the instance when they lose focus, which is clearly not true.

The only controls that delay updating the instance are the textual ones  
(and I'm not sure about upload), and possibly range. All others update the  
instance *while they still have focus*. So the description needs to be  


On Tue, 09 May 2017 16:47:45 +0200, Steven Pemberton  
<> wrote:

> "incremental
>   Author-optional attribute that defines when instance data is updated  
> by a control. Controls with bindings normally update the instance data  
> when the control loses focus. When true, this attribute indicates that  
> the control should update the instance data more often, thereby  
> generating additional xforms-value-changed events. In incremental mode,  
> an implementation may buffer sequences of changes happening in quick  
> succession, and apply them all at once. The default value for this  
> attribute is false. Although this attribute is available for all  
> controls, in some cases there may be no perceivable difference between  
> incremental and non-incremental mode."
> I think that the default value is wrongly described. In fact many  
> controls are incremental, in the sense that something happens without  
> the control losing focus.
> Non-incremental:
>    input, secret, textarea
>    upload?
> Incremental:
>    output
>    range (?)
>    trigger/submit
>    select/1
> What do you think?
> Steven

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