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I agree that the incremental mode appears designed primarily for text input.

The range control is an interesting case. I can see how, if the control is
operated by a mouse or finger grabbing a slider, the value could update
continually as you move the slider, or only as you stop grabbing it. It
would probably be ok to use `incremental` to switch the behavior, and also
for the default to be non-incremental in this case too.

Do other controls come to mind? It doesn't seem very relevant to radio
buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and others. For those, setting the
value upon a change of selection seems reasonable to me.


On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 8:11 AM, Philip Fennell <
> wrote:

> Steven,
> What you say makes sense. However, as an XForms user rather than an
> implementer I’ve taken it on face value that it only has useful meaning for
> controls that take keyboard entry like input or textarea and never thought
> much more about it. That said, you may want to explicitly set
> incremental="false" on a range control so I can only assume that it’s
> default in this case would be true. Is that correct or do I have to
> explicitly set ‘true’ to ensure a live update?
> Philip
> On 09/05/2017, 15:47, "Steven Pemberton" <> wrote:
>     "incremental
>       Author-optional attribute that defines when instance data is updated
> by a
>     control. Controls with bindings normally update the instance data when
> the
>     control loses focus. When true, this attribute indicates that the
> control
>     should update the instance data more often, thereby generating
> additional
>     xforms-value-changed events. In incremental mode, an implementation may
>     buffer sequences of changes happening in quick succession, and apply
> them
>     all at once. The default value for this attribute is false. Although
> this
>     attribute is available for all controls, in some cases there may be no
>     perceivable difference between incremental and non-incremental mode."
> Common_attribute_and_content_sets
>     I think that the default value is wrongly described. In fact many
> controls
>     are incremental, in the sense that something happens without the
> control
>     losing focus.
>     Non-incremental:
>        input, secret, textarea
>        upload?
>     Incremental:
>        output
>        range (?)
>        trigger/submit
>        select/1
>     What do you think?
>     Steven

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