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[Fwd: GRDDL Going to Last Call: Relevance to SAWSDL]

[Fwd: RE: propagation of values in the component model]

[Fwd: RE: propagation of values in the component model] - contribution and regrets

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2007/02/06

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2007/02/13

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2007/02/20

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2007/02/27

change of SAWSDL namespace?

CR Issue 4 addressed

Draft minutes of telcon 2007/01/30

Draft minutes of telcon 2007/02/06

Draft minutes of telcon 2007/02/13

Draft minutes of telcon 2007/02/20

Draft minutes of telcon 2007/02/27

issues: propagation of annotations in or above WSDL component model?

John Miller's editorial comments addressed

more info on CR issue 6

possible adoption of safety WSDL annotation in SAWSDL

Review Preconds (and Effects coming up) in SAWSDL Usage Guide

test suite almost complete

What's an Attribute Declaration component?

XML Schema implications of

YR-SOC 2007: Final Call for Papers, Call for Posters and Participation

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