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[REFERRER] Combining referrer policies

[review] Performance API's, Security and Privacy

[suborigins] Understanding the syntax

[UPGRADE] upgrade-insecure-request-with-fallback

[webappsec] 6/15 call CANCELLED

[webappsec] Tomorrow's teleconference CANCELLED

[webappsec] Tomorrow's teleconference CANCELLED.

Accessing the same CORS-Resource from multiple sites

CORS restrictions on preflight (too) strict?

CSP script-src - Allow Js Events

Draft minutes from 16,17-May-2016 F2F @Mozilla, Mtn View

Finalizing the shape of CSP ‘unsafe-dynamic’

Fwd: Subresource Integrity (SRI) is now a W3C Recommendation

SameSite cookies and SAML

SameSite=Strict cookies for a user entered URL

Should permission requests require a user gesture?


VC meeting to discuss Permissions spec

Whitelisting external resources by hash (was Re: Finalizing the shape of CSP ‘unsafe-dynamic’)

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