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Fwd: ! Beware of W3C Accounting Phishing Zhiheng Wang (Wednesday, 27 October)

[minutes] 20101027 Web Performance Anderson Quach (Wednesday, 27 October)

[agenda] Web Performance WG Teleconference #07 Agenda 2010-10-27 Anderson Quach (Wednesday, 27 October)

Call for Exclusions: Navigation Timing Ian Jacobs (Tuesday, 26 October)

FYI: Web Performance draft published Philippe Le Hegaret (Tuesday, 26 October)

[NavigationTiming] RFC: ticking navigationStart Zhiheng Wang (Tuesday, 26 October)

[Web Timing] Navigation Timing updates Anderson Quach (Thursday, 21 October)

[minutes] 20101020 Web Performance Anderson Quach (Wednesday, 20 October)

[agenda] Web Performance WG Teleconference #06 Agenda 2010-10-20 Anderson Quach (Wednesday, 20 October)

Regrets for Oct 20th call Tony Gentilcore (Monday, 18 October)

[Open Issue] Privacy concern with Navigation Timing Anderson Quach (Friday, 15 October)

[Web Timing] Interface names Tony Gentilcore (Friday, 15 October)

[minutes] 20101013 Web Performance Anderson Quach (Wednesday, 13 October)

[agenda] Web Performance WG Teleconference #05 Agenda 2010-10-12 Anderson Quach (Wednesday, 13 October)

[NavigationTiming] another update Zhiheng Wang (Tuesday, 12 October)

[NavigationTiming]Updated working draft Zhiheng Wang (Friday, 8 October)

Web Performance WG Meeting Notes (2010-10-05) Jason Weber (Thursday, 7 October)

Web Performance WG Teleconference 2010-10-05 CANCELLED Arvind Jain (Wednesday, 6 October)

Web Performance Interest Group charter Philippe Le Hegaret (Tuesday, 5 October)

[NavigationTiming]Working draft updated Zhiheng Wang (Tuesday, 5 October)

requestStart and fetchStart Zhiheng Wang (Monday, 4 October)

[Web Timing] UserTiming Anderson Quach (Saturday, 2 October)

[agenda] Web Performance WG F2F meeting #01 Agenda 2010-10-05 Arvind Jain (Friday, 1 October)

[Navigation Timing] Clarification needed on DOM timers and James Simonsen (Friday, 1 October)

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