RE: [Navigation Timing] Clarification needed on DOM timers and

Great feedback! The expectation here is that the  domLoading, domInteractive and domComplete markers should be set upon the first time the readystatechange as described in the HTML5 spec [1] and [2]. You can observe this behavior today in the implementation available in the IE9 beta and the IE9 platform preview available on the Test Drive site [3].


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Subject: [Navigation Timing] Clarification needed on DOM timers and


The Navigation Timing spec says that the domLoading, domInteractive, and domComplete timers should be set to the time immediately before the document's readiness changes. What is the expected behavior when the document reaches the same state multiple times?

For example, if is called, the document returns to the loading state. Should the domLoading timer reflect the first time we reached the loading state? Or the most recent?

The domContentLoaded timer has the same issue, since its associated event can fire multiple times as well.


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