Re: [NavigationTiming]Updated working draft

 Zhiheng --

a few questions (some parts are not clear to me enough)

1. There is info only about GET method. What about HEAD / POST / PUT ?
Maybe we should add them to spec (among 'GET equivalents').

2. Chart with overall model (as it's described in chapter 4.5) will be
very helpful. I.e. in chapter 4.2 redirects go before fetching (I hope
all events must be placed there in proper order).

3. I also hope that loadEventStart will be fired when all rendering
activity is finished (not as now when WebKit-based browsers fire
window.onload but some of document parts may not be rendered). Can we
add more clarification to spec?

> Hi, Folks,
>     The NavigationTiming working draft has been updated per our f2f
> meeting on Oct. 5th.
> There are a couple unresolved issues marked as TODOs in the draft and
> I will keep this group
> post. (Philippe is probably right about working in the day off after
> all. :-)
> cheers,
> Zhiheng

Thank you,
Nik Matsievsky, WEBO Software,
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Received on Sunday, 10 October 2010 18:47:38 UTC