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RE: [ALL] agenda 28 Nov telecon 1800 UTC

From: Gary Ng <Gary.Ng@cerebra.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 09:28:55 -0800
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Regrets for the telecon today, am on vacation.

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See below, sorry this is late.

Jacco/Girogos: I have not placed the decision to pulish the Image 
Annotation note on the agenda, as I have seen no new version. Let me 
know if I missed something.


AGENDA  Teleconference
W3C Semantic Web Best Practices & Deployment Working Group
28 November 2005, 1800 UTC
        1000 (West US)
        1300 (East US)
        1800 (London)
        1900 (Amsterdam),
Duration: 60 min

Bridge: +1.617.761.6200 conference code 7927# ('SWBP')
IRC Chat: irc:irc.w3.org (port 6665), #swbp
Web-based IRC (member-only):

Chair: Guus Schreiber / David Wood
Scribe: tbd (pls volunteer)

Please note that SWBP&D WG telecons are for attendance by members and 
invited experts only.

1. ADMIN (15 min)

Roll call

PROPOSED to accept the minutes of the 17 Oct telecon:

PROPOSED to accept the Galway ftf minutes:

PROPOSED next meeting 12 Decembe.

Agenda amendments


2.1 Proposed resolution httpRange-14

    ACTION: Ralph, DavidW, and DavidB to an initial draft of TAG 
    resolution impact on semweb application developers
    [recorded in

2.2 DAWG

    ACTION: Brian to review SPARQL Last Call document
    [recorded in
    ACTION Brian to work with David about the WG comments
      about SPARQL

    ACTION Jeremy to provide a phrasing about XSDT.

2.3 OMG: ODM review

    ACTION Elisa to send new ODM link to the WG

2.4 Protocol and Formats WG request

     Message from PFWG:

    ACTION: Guus to arrange telecon between himself, Alistair and
    PFWG [recorded in
    ACTION: Alistair and Guus to help the WAI Protocol and
    Formats WG on their vocabulary [recorded in

2.5 Other

   WSDL 2.0 RDF Mapping Working Draft published:


3.0 General

      ACTION on all document editor's to use the appropriate
      style for editor's drafts:

3.1 PORT - Porting Thesaurii to RDF and OWL (Alistair)

    ACTION: Ralph to prepare the SKOS public WD for publication
    [recorded in

3.2 OEP - Ontology Engineering and Patterns (Deb/Chris)

    ACTION: Guus to review OWL Time note [recorded in

    ACTION: Alistair to review Qualified Cardinality note
    [recorded in

    ACTION on Chris and Alan to work with Ralph to make
       part-whole ready for publication

    ACTION: Chris to move QCR note to W3C pace
    ACTION: Chris to move todo's to the changes section
    ACTION  Alistair, Jeremy, Jeff to review QCR note
      DONE by Jacco:
    ACTION: Jeremy action to send comments to the list on
      the non-use of the duration datatype
    ACTION Evan to send note to Feng on discussion of semantics
    ACTION Guus to bring issue wrt URI space for ontologies
      to the SWCG
    ACTION Chris to ensure Feng gets signed up for the WG

    ACTION: Raphael Georgios S, Fabien, Phil to
      review Semantic Integration note

    ACTION Dan to investigate spatial relations work in SWIG

3.3 WordNet (Aldo)

   ACTION  Alistair, Brian, Ben, Jacco, Jeremy to review WN
     draft by 25 Nov
     Review Caeeoll:

3.4 XSCH - XML Schema Datatypes (Jeremy)

    ACTION: Jeremy to prepare a new draft of XML Schema datatype
    prior to F2F [recorded in

      ACTION: jc explain non-montonicity and interoperability
        issues by email

3.5 VM - Vocabulary Management (TomB)

   Proposed update TF description:

   'HTTP Cookbook' editor's draft

3.6 HTML - Embedding RDF in HTML (Ben)

    ACTION: Jeremy write a formal description of the CURI
    proposal for WG consideration [recorded in

    ACTION: DanBri to ask TF for sign-off on putting the draft
    xhtml vocab to the WG for review. [recorded in

      ACTION: Ben produce schedule for getting RDF/A editor's
      drafts docs ready for WG review [recorded in

      ACTION: ben to contact alistair on use of frag id's
      [recorded in

3.7 ADTF - Applications and Demos (Libby)

    ACTION Libby) to make the wiki pager the list the doc
      files of the applications and parse them into HTML.

    ACTION Libby to fix the demon that do work.
    ACTION Libby to send an email to SWIG about it.

    ACTION Ralph to identify ADTF as input for the propose SWEO

3.8 RDFTM - RDF/Topic Maps Interoperability (Steve)

   PROPSED to publish the Survey document as Working Group Note:

3.9 Tutorial Page

   ACTION Fabien send the mailing list the resources of
     education materials from EU projects.

   ACTION* Benjamin to send an email to the mailing list
     about positive and negative feedback.

   ACTION: Ralph cite relevant CG meeting records
     regarding SemWeb Education & Outreach discussions
     [recorded in

3.10 SE - Software Engineering

    ACTION: JeffPan to check on getting Holger to join the WG
    [recorded in

    ACTION: Jeff Pan to make sure Holger Knublauch gets
      signed up
    ACTION: Jeremy Carroll to send review comments on SE
      Primer by 25 Nov
    ACTION: Elisa Kendall to send review comments on SE
      Primer by 25 Nov
    ACTION Ralph to check if there's a formal policy issue wrt
      implicit endorsement
    ACTION Phil Tetlow to check the copyright on the
    ACTION danbri: draft a bit of text pointing to SWIG
    ACTION: Phil to make sure that an email is sent to the
      list about how the primer document will handle the
      listing of products
    ACTION Guus to include publication proposal in Nov 28
    ACTION: phil/danbri to see how to proceed with
      discussion of ODA draft in the SWIG
    ACTION: jc send some more constructive comments on ODA

3.11 MM - Multimedia Annotation

    ACTION: Libby to review Image annotation editor's draft
    [recorded in

    Review by Mike:

    ACTION MN editors to work with Ralph on publication
    ACTION Guus to include publication proposal in Nov 28

4. AOB

Free University Amsterdam, Computer Science
De Boelelaan 1081a, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 598 7739/7718; e-mail: schreiber@cs.vu.nl
Home page: http://www.cs.vu.nl/~guus/
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