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48-Hour Call for Consensus (CfC): Publish two WAI-ARIA FPWDs

[SVG-AAM] edits

Agenda for Nov 21, 2015 SVG accessibility task force meeting

Agenda Nov 13 SVG accessibility task force

ARIA Editor's Drafts and gh-pages branch on GitHub

Can we please revert the removal of viewTarget attribute?

Generating Chemistry Examples

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Minutes for Nov 20, 2015 SVG accessibility task force meeting

minutes SVG accessibility task force meeting Nov 13, 2015

Name and Description computation

Name and Description computation -- Proposed new texts

Nov 6 meeting, meetings issues

Nov 6, 2015 SVG accessibility TF minutes


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SVG WG review of SVG accessibility specifications

SVG-AAM published today

whether we should meet on Nov 6 if so agenda

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