ARIA Editor's Drafts and gh-pages branch on GitHub

Hi Rich et al.,

The SVG-AAM spec references the GitHub pages URL as the "Editor's Draft"
version of the specs.  However, the gh-pages branch version of SVG-AAM has
not been updated in 8 months.  The aria-graphics module does not even exist
in that branch.  Other files on gh-pages have been updated more recently,
but there doesn't seem to be any sort of coordinated synchronization.   I'm
not sure what needs to be done to update a given file.  Maybe some editors
are just pushing their changes to gh-pages and master at the same time.

The main ARIA 1.1 specs now use the RawGit URL (to the master branch) as
the official Editor's Draft.  I do not know why the decision was made to do
that instead of using gh-pages, but if gh-pages is not going to be updated,
then we need to do the same.  It somewhat defeats the purpose of having a
publicly accessible Editor's Draft, if it is completely disjoint from the
master files used by the editors.

I would like to bring up the SVG-AAM as an agenda item for the main SVG
working group, but I would prefer to have a URL to a document that clearly
identifies itself as the Editor's Draft being discussed!

The fastest fix would be to update the SVG-AAM file to include the RawGit
URL of the master branch.  We also need to change it so that it clearly
identifies itself as an Editor's Draft, not a published Working Draft.
However, you may want to discuss this with the main ARIA team, to decide
what to do with all the out-of-date files that were published via
gh-pages.  These are still accessible on the web, and would appear to a
visitor to be the latest Editor's drafts.


Received on Tuesday, 3 November 2015 23:14:01 UTC