Re: ARIA Editor's Drafts and gh-pages branch on GitHub


Yes, we have been using the rawgit pages to promote the ARIA 1.1 drafts. We
have been using rawgit for everything. are only copied occassionally and are always behind. Michael
copies these later. They all need to be updated.

This has been working for quite some time. Why are you trying to change
this now?

When we publish formal TR drafts all the links are updated. We start with
ARIA 1.1, then we go with Core AAM, then SVG-AAM, etc.

We need to create a Graphics ARIA module and do an AAM for it. We can
reference the graphics AAM from our SVG AAM spec. We should do this for

For November we should just refresh the SVG-AAM.

I agree we need to update the RAWGit URL for the master branch.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

From:	Amelia Bellamy-Royds <>
To:	Richard Schwerdtfeger/Austin/IBM@IBMUS, Douglas Schepers
            <>, SVG-A11y TF <>
Date:	11/03/2015 05:13 PM
Subject:	ARIA Editor's Drafts and gh-pages branch on GitHub

Hi Rich et al.,

The SVG-AAM spec references the GitHub pages URL as the "Editor's Draft"
version of the specs.  However, the gh-pages branch version of SVG-AAM has
not been updated in 8 months.  The aria-graphics module does not even exist
in that branch.  Other files on gh-pages have been updated more recently,
but there doesn't seem to be any sort of coordinated synchronization.   I'm
not sure what needs to be done to update a given file.  Maybe some editors
are just pushing their changes to gh-pages and master at the same time.

The main ARIA 1.1 specs now use the RawGit URL (to the master branch) as
the official Editor's Draft.  I do not know why the decision was made to do
that instead of using gh-pages, but if gh-pages is not going to be updated,
then we need to do the same.  It somewhat defeats the purpose of having a
publicly accessible Editor's Draft, if it is completely disjoint from the
master files used by the editors.

I would like to bring up the SVG-AAM as an agenda item for the main SVG
working group, but I would prefer to have a URL to a document that clearly
identifies itself as the Editor's Draft being discussed!

The fastest fix would be to update the SVG-AAM file to include the RawGit
URL of the master branch.  We also need to change it so that it clearly
identifies itself as an Editor's Draft, not a published Working Draft.
However, you may want to discuss this with the main ARIA team, to decide
what to do with all the out-of-date files that were published via
gh-pages.  These are still accessible on the web, and would appear to a
visitor to be the latest Editor's drafts.


Received on Wednesday, 4 November 2015 16:28:10 UTC