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Action-1715: figure role Richard Schwerdtfeger (Sunday, 30 August)

table comparing roles and properties Fred Esch (Friday, 28 August)

SVG a11y tf meeting minutes for August 28 Fred Esch (Friday, 28 August)

Minutes: August 28, 2015 SVG Accessibility Task Force Meeting Richard Schwerdtfeger (Friday, 28 August)

minutes from today Chaals McCathie Nevile (Friday, 28 August)

ARIA Graphics Module -- proposed roles hierarchy & data properties Amelia Bellamy-Royds (Thursday, 27 August)

tool for exposing marked up SVG to AT Fred Esch (Thursday, 27 August)

SVG accessibility task force meeting agenda August 28 Fred Esch (Thursday, 27 August)

Minutes, SVG Accessibility Task Force Teleconference, 21 August 2015 Amelia Bellamy-Royds (Friday, 21 August)

SVG A11Y Task Force Agenda August 21 Fred Esch (Thursday, 20 August)

Jason's note - Notes on Graphics Types and Educational Applications and taxonomy Fred Esch (Wednesday, 19 August)

Requirements & Taxonomy Fred Esch (Wednesday, 19 August)

chart info from NCAM and other issues from SVG A11Y meeting August 14 Fred Esch (Friday, 14 August)

Minutes: August 14, 2015 SVG Accessibility Task Force Richard Schwerdtfeger (Friday, 14 August)

minutes form Aug 14 SVG A11Y meeting Fred Esch (Friday, 14 August)

Identifying things and relationships Léonie Watson (Friday, 14 August)

Agenda 14 August SVG A11Y Task Force Meeting Fred Esch (Wednesday, 12 August)

Minutes: SVG A11y TF telecon, 7th August 2015 Léonie Watson (Friday, 7 August)

SVG-A11y Meeting Time Doug Schepers (Friday, 7 August)

Agenda: August 7, 2015 SVG Accessibility Task Force Richard Schwerdtfeger (Thursday, 6 August)

Some thoughts on making diagrams accessible Chaals McCathie Nevile (Wednesday, 5 August)

Comments on draft chart taxonomy White, Jason J (Monday, 3 August)

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