RE: Action-1715: figure role


I understand. The use of main is consistent with the HTML 5 specification.
The "main text" does not link to the main role. If it did then that would
be correct. Here is the text from the HTML5 figure element:

The figure element represents some flow content, optionally with a caption,
that is self-contained (like a complete sentence) and is typically
referenced as a single unit from the main flow of the document.

Yes, a figure could be used in a note. The words main text were chosen
because in an SVG diagram we don't have a "main flow" of the document.
Figures could actually reside withing an SVG drawing. This has to be cross
cutting in that figure must be used in both HTML content and SVG content.
We could use a new term like primary but then that adds terminology that
does not exist in HTML5. The SVG A11y task force might be able to live with
"main flow" but flow in an SVG drawing, like a bar chart or a subway map
may not be readily apparent.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date: 08/30/2015 07:27 PM
Subject: RE: Action-1715: figure role


When I first read this, I thought the word main was referring to the main
element. But then I noticed it says “main document”. Later it uses the
phrase “main text”.

I am assuming that a figure could be used as part of an aside. Maybe it
would be worth considering some way of wording this that doesn’t use “main
or clarifies what main means in this context.

Matt King

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Subject: Action-1715: figure role

Hi Steve,

I have an action to get with you to get agreement on on a new ARIA Figure
role. We need this for SVG Accessibility as we need a mechanism to isolate
figures that could be pulled into a list of figures by assistive
technologies. Since we are doing this for ARIA and SVG  we would also like
to reuse it for HTML. Please look at the following text and let me know if
this definition would be sufficient so that HTML could use this role as the
default native host language semantics for the figure role.

      A perceivable section of content which supports the main document,
      and should be easily locatable regardless of its position in the
      layout. A figure may contain a graphical document, an image, or other
      content such as code snippets or example text. A figure should be
      referenced from the main text but does not need to be displayed
      directly where it is referenced.

      A figure MAY have an associate label or caption, or an associated

      Assistive technologies SHOULD enable users to quickly navigate to
      figures. Mainstream user agents MAY enable users to quickly navigate
      to figures.

The figure role would be a subclass of role section.

Name From: Author
Accessible Name Required: False


      Rich Schwerdtfeger

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