Re: Action-1715: figure role


Why would we need a separate role for caption and why would aria-labelledby
not work in the mappings?


Rich Schwerdtfeger

From:	Steve Faulkner <>
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Date:	08/31/2015 09:20 AM
Subject:	Re: Action-1715: figure role

Hi Rich will follow up on this next week when I am back from vacation.

There has been some discussion of late around the current mapping for
figure/figcaption and how appropriate it is for the figcaption to be the
label for the figure. This has brought me back to considering the need for
a caption role for figcaption.

On Monday, 31 August 2015, Richard Schwerdtfeger <> wrote:
  Hi Steve,

  I have an action to get with you to get agreement on on a new ARIA Figure
  role. We need this for SVG Accessibility as we need a mechanism to
  isolate figures that could be pulled into a list of figures by assistive
  technologies. Since we are doing this for ARIA and SVG  we would also
  like to reuse it for HTML. Please look at the following text and let me
  know if this definition would be sufficient so that HTML could use this
  role as the default native host language semantics for the figure role.


        A perceivable section of content which supports the main document,
        and should be easily locatable regardless of its position in the
        layout. A figure may contain a graphical document, an image, or
        other content such as code snippets or example text. A figure
        should be referenced from the main text but does not need to be
        displayed directly where it is referenced.

        A figure MAY have an associate label or caption, or an associated

        Assistive technologies SHOULD enable users to quickly navigate to
        figures. Mainstream user agents MAY enable users to quickly
        navigate to figures.

  The figure role would be a subclass of role section.

  Name From: Author
  Accessible Name Required: False


        Rich Schwerdtfeger



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