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[sdw] Coverage JSON Definitions

[sdw] Create a list of OGC standards that are "not yet Web-friendly enough" plus rationale for each

[sdw] Group review of roadmap

[sdw] Long loading time for the SSN TR document

[sdw] new commits pushed by chris-little

[sdw] new commits pushed by lvdbrink

[sdw] WebVMT: Suggested Topics For TPAC Breakout Session

[sdw] WebVMT: use JSON instead of XML for cue content?

Agenda for TPAC f2f

Closed: [sdw] Representation At OGC Disasters CDS?

List of non-web-friendly OGC standards to OAB

List of non-webby OGC standards ready

MapML focus week progress update

Recap of OGC TC meeting

Reminder: Next week focus week September

Retrospective September focus week

SDWIG / Tech Trends coordination

SDWIG/Tech Trends telecons, Oct 2nd/3rd

TPAC 2018 - Registration fees and hotel bookings

WebVMT Status Update

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