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[Bug 1754] [FS] editorial: 7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.2.10: normalizing calls to particular functions

[Bug 1756] [FS] editorial: 7.2.3 The fn:abs, fn:ceiling, fn:floor, fn:round, and fn:round-half-to-even functions

[Bug 1783] [FS] editorial: 8.4 Judgments for FLWOR and other expressions on sequences

[Bug 3069] [XSLT 2.0] XTDE0485

[Bug 3269] [FS] editorial: FooNameOrWildcard

[Bug 3758] [FS] technical: 4.7.1: losing type information

[Bug 3760] [FS] technical: injected calls to fs:item-sequence-to-node-sequence/-untypedAtomic

[Bug 3771] [FS] technical: interleaved with empty text nodes

[Bug 3824] Static typing of various fnin-scope-prefixes tests

[Bug 3833] Static typing of fn-lang

[Bug 3834] Static typing of "order by" expressions in use cases

[Bug 3847] inconsistent definition of idiv

[Bug 4024] ST-WhereExpr001 should not be expected to fail?

[Bug 4242] [FS] Static typing of name tests

[Bug 4261] [FS] technical: Name Tests correct?

[Bug 4273] [FS] data on element()

[Bug 4274] Static typing of Comp-notation-*

[Bug 4371] [FS] Editorial: Processing Model Figure

[Bug 4372] [Serialization] Lexical checking of doctype-public

[Bug 4417] Static typing of emptyorderdecl-2

[Bug 4512] [FS] technical: Name Tests: incomplete coverage

[Bug 4519] [XDM] Definition of is-id property

[Bug 4546] [XSLT] testing for namespace axis support

[Bug 4578] [FS] Possible error in filter expression normalization rules

[Bug 4581] [FS] Quantifiers in static type of name tests

[Bug 4622] [XSLT 2.0] unparsed-entity-uri - absolute or relative?

[Bug 4653] Suggested improvements to schema for stylesheets

[Bug 4696] [XSLT 2.0] type-available() in use-when

[Bug 4697] [FT] editorial: 1.1 Full-Text Search and XML

[Bug 4698] [FT] editorial: 2.1 Processing Model

[Bug 4700] [FT] editorial: 2.2.1 Description

[Bug 4701] [FT] editorial: 2.3 Score Variables

[Bug 4702] [FT] editorial: 2.3.1 Using Weights Within a Scored FTContainsExpr

[Bug 4703] [FT] editorial: 3 Full-Text Selections

[Bug 4704] [FT] editorial: 3.2 Search Tokens and Phrases

[Bug 4705] [FT] editorial: 3.3 Match Options

[Bug 4706] [FT] editorial: 3.3.1 Case Option

[Bug 4707] [FT] editorial: 3.3.2 Diacritics Option

[Bug 4708] [FT] editorial: 3.3.4 Thesaurus Option

[Bug 4714] [FT] editorial: 3.5.2 Window Selection

[Bug 4720] [FT] editorial: 4 Semantics

[Bug 4721] [FT] editorial: 4.1 Tokenization

[Bug 4723] [FT] editorial: 4.1.2 Representations of Tokenized Text and Matching

[Bug 4725] [FT] editorial: FTWindow

[Bug 4726] [FT] editorial: FTTimes

[Bug 4727] [FT] editorial: 4.3.1 FTContainsExpr

[Bug 4728] [FT] editorial: Semantics of FTContainsExpr

[Bug 4729] [FT] editorial: 4.3.2 Scoring

[Bug 4730] [FT] editorial: 5.2.14 Scoring

[Bug 4732] [FT] editorial: D Error Conditions

[Bug 4766] [FS] 2.4.4 Example is backwards

[Bug 4841] [FS] Use of fn:subsequence in relation to normalization rules for filter expressions in FS

[Bug 4843] [XSLT 2.0] Current mode is underspecified

[Bug 4849] [XSLT 2.0] Doubled comma in 13.1.2

[Bug 4878] [XSLT 2.0] Misclassified error condition XTTE0950

[Bug 4921] [XSLT 2.0] Combining group-starting-with and group-ending-with

[Bug 4956] Expected results for fn-doc-23

[Bug 4962] [Serialization]: Empty tag representation

[Bug 4968] [FTUseCase] Use Case "Character", Use Case "Logical", Use Case "XQuery-XPath-Composability"*

[Bug 4969] [FTUseCase] Use Case "XQuery-XPath-Composability"

[Bug 4970] [FTUseCase] Use Case "Thesaurus"

[Bug 4971] [FTUseCase] incorrect FLWOR expression in multiple use cases

[Bug 4972] [FTUseCase] wrong scope usage in use case XQuery-XPath-Composability

[Bug 4973] [FTUseCase] wrong variable name in use case Ignore

[Bug 4979] [XSLT 2++] Enhancement: declare default identity template

[Bug 4997] [UPD] Replace of attribute nodes can be ambiguous

[Bug 5050] 1.0.3dev: Catalog002

[Bug 5055] 1.0.3dev: emptyorderdecl-2, ForExprType049

[Bug 5056] 1.0.3dev: Comp-notation-11

[Bug 5066] [Ser] Typo in xhtml media type

[Bug 5071] [XQTS] Expected results of K2-OrderbyExprWithout-13

[Bug 5083] [XQuery] Namespace declaration attributes in direct element constructors

[Bug 5085] K2-CeilingFunc-1 et seq

[Bug 5087] namespacedecl-3

[Bug 5088] fn-doc-23

[Bug 5089] [XQuery] Namespace undeclarations in the query prolog

[Bug 5122] [FT] Section 4 Tokenization constraint

[Bug 5123] K2-RoundFunc-117/118

[Bug 5124] Error missing for namespaceDecl-3

[Bug 5129] [FS] editorial: [Static semantics of] Name Tests

[Bug 5135] Indentation in expected result for Axes089

[Bug 5136] K2-DirectConElemNamespace-17, 18

[Bug 5166] [XSLT 2++] Enhancement: sorting and grouping

[Bug 5170] [FO] 17.1 Casting to xs:NOTATION???

[Bug 5180] revalidating something that isn't an XDM instance

[Bug 5183] [FO] Effect of type promotion in fn:distinct-values

[Bug 5207] [XQ] Accessing undefined static context base URI and XPST0001

[Bug 5207] Accessing undefined static context base URI and XPST0001

[Bug 5211] [FT] missing hyphens for "Full Text"

[Bug 5211] missing hyphens for "Full Text"

[Bug 5212] [DM] Lingering uses of xdt prefix in appendix E

[Bug 5216] CVS view "annotate" links throw error 500

[Bug 5217] XQTSResults.xsl : allow inline HTML mark-up

[Bug 5223] [XPath] Casting rules in 3.5.2 General Comparisons (editorial)

[Bug 5223] [XQuery] Casting rules in 3.5.2 General Comparisons (editorial)

[Bug 5224] Dynamic context in global variable initializers

[Bug 5233] K2-OrderbyExprWithout-19

[Bug 5234] 1.0.3dev: K2-GenCompEq-8

[Bug 5235] Editorial, 14.3 fn:namespace-uri:

[Bug 5236] [XQuery] err:XPST0008 vs. err:XPST0081

[southerncross] SSB installation

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Better static type checking for XQuery

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