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[Bug 4273] [FS] data on element()

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Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 11:57:43 +0000
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------- Comment #11 from tim@cbcl.co.uk  2007-10-22 11:57 -------
What follows is my arguement that data on xs:anyType = xs:anyAtomicType*

element(*, xs:anyType) is the most general type of an element.

For the type system to work, I argue that:

T <: xs:anyType
data on T <: data on element(*, xs:anyType)

Let's break it down into 3 specific cases of T (covered in FS) which are
necessarily always subtypes of element(*, xs:anyType).  

1. simple type or complex types of simple content.

statEnv |-  ElementType type lookup TypeReference
statEnv |-  TypeReference expands to Type
statEnv  |-  Type <: (attribute*, Type1)      
statEnv  |-  Type1 <: xs:anyAtomicType*
statEnv |-  data on ElementType : Type1

So if the Type1 = xs:anyAtomicType*, we know that

data on element(*, xs:anyAtomicType*) = xs:anyAtomicType*

and therefore xs:anyAtomicType* must be a subtype of 'data on' applied to
element(a,  xs:anyType).

2.  complex type of mixed content

statEnv |-  ElementType type lookup of type TypeName
statEnv |-  TypeName of elem/type expands to expanded-QName     
statEnv.typeDefn(expanded-QName) =
  define type TypeName Derivation mixed { Type1 }
statEnv |-  data on ElementType : xs:untypedAtomic

We know that data on applied to such an element is xs:untypedAtomic.

3.  The data on filter is not defined on any element type whose type annotation
denotes a complex type of complex content and therefore applying data on to
such a node raises a static error.

So data on applied to element(*, xs:anyType) must be the union of data on
applied to elements defined in the above cases.  By my reckoning, that's

I'm willing to proved wrong though.   If you have an example that you think
won't work, I'd be happy to give it a whirl.  I'm sure it would also be a
useful addition to XQTS.
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