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[Bug 4273] [FS] data on element()

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------- Comment #14 from mike@saxonica.com  2007-10-22 14:04 -------
>"If the type annotation is xs:anySimpleType or ... (including xs:anyType), then >the typed value of the node is equal to its string value, as an instance of >xs:untypedAtomic. "

>which I take to mean:

>(1) data on element(*, xs:anySimpleType) = xs:untypedAtomic
>(2) data on element(*, xs:anyType) = xs:untypedAtomic

Yes, these rules are quite explicit in the data model and elsewhere, and an
awful lot of things would break if they changed.

>Each of these violates the rule for substitution to work, namely:

Yes, hence comment #8.

In many ways xs:untypedAtomic is intended to mean "unknown type". At one stage
during WG discussions I proposed that the relationship between untyped and the
set of real types was the same as the relationship between null and the set of
real values; we should not treat it as a type like any other. In particular,
expressions such as xs:untypedAtomic :> T should return "unknown" rather than
true or false.

Where are the theorists when we need them?
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