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[F&O] 5.2 fn:dateTime xdt: should be xs: (editorial)

[F&O] 6.3 NaN difference between XQuery and XMLSchema

[F&O] fn:local-name-from-QName should be renamed local-part-from-QName

[F&O] fn:namespace-uri (editorial)

[F&O] fn:resolve-uri and non-hierarchical base URI

[F&O] missing fn:prefix-from-QName

[F&O] op:QName-equal (editorial)

[F&O] op:to doesn't match language specification

[F&O] regex syntax too limited

[Serial] serialization of xhtml + omit-xml-declaration

[xml-dev] [XQuery] Re: [xml-dev] draft-rsalz-qname-urn

[XQuery] I18N last call comments - issue qt-2004Feb0415-13

[XQuery] Re: [xml-dev] draft-rsalz-qname-urn

[XQuery] what is an "ancestor element constructor"

[XSLT 2.0] media types and fragment ids and the document() function

[XSLT2.0] xsl:analyze-string@regex syntax too limited

Correction of Computed Attribute Constructors section in WD 29 October 2004

Dynamic Context Discovery Functions

newlines inside StringLiteral

qt-2004Feb0362-17, Treatment control characters in HTML

qt-2004Feb0362-24, Treatment of META element

qt-2004Feb0362-25, Limit URI escaping to non-ASCII characters

Ref XSCH-QL-018: Example of pblm with serialization-based validation


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