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Re: [w3c/webpayments] [Payment Apps] What is the process for rendering the payment app UI (#162) mksbrick48 (Thursday, 28 May)

Final day of WPWG Code-a-Thon Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 28 May)

Today: come to the code-a-thon results call! Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 28 May)

Second day of WPWG Code-a-Thon Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 27 May)

First day of WPWG Code-a-Thon Ian Jacobs (Tuesday, 26 May)

Re: [w3c/webpayments] Add mention of private browsing as insufficient (#253) Marcos Cáceres (Monday, 25 May)

FYI: SRC Proposed Architecture moved from wiki to page (for easier pull request management) Ian Jacobs (Monday, 18 May)

Blog post: The Evolution of Payment Apps Ian Jacobs (Monday, 18 May)

Code-A-Ton 2020 Anders Rundgren (Friday, 15 May)

FYI: How to FIDO: A guide for relying parties Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 14 May)

TPAC 2020 in-person to be replaced by a virtual meeting Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 14 May)

[Minutes] 14 Mayl 2020 WPWG call Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 14 May)

[Minutes] 13 May 2020 card payment security task force call Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 13 May)

FYI: Update documents from the W3C TAG on security, privacy, and API design Ian Jacobs (Tuesday, 12 May)

[Agenda] 13 May 2020 Card Payment Security Task Force call Ian Jacobs (Tuesday, 12 May)

[Agenda] 14 May 2020 Web Payments WG teleconference Ian Jacobs (Monday, 11 May)

Code-a-thon dates confirmed: 26-28 May; calendar invitation available Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 7 May)

A brief update Nick Telford-Reed (w3c) (Wednesday, 6 May)

Web-based Payment Handler Starter Kit Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 6 May)

[Blog post] Payments and Authentication: Driving toward a Whole Greater than Parts Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 6 May)

Re: Proposal for a "Web Payments Digital Product Management API" Chitalia, Jalpesh (Wednesday, 6 May)

FYI: Proposal for a "Web Payments Digital Product Management API" Ian Jacobs (Monday, 4 May)

Status update on proposed payment handler changes from Mar 30 Danyao Wang (Thursday, 30 April)

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