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1st draft: N'Ko layout requirements FOR REVIEW

[REMINDER] 2023-02-21 I18N ⇔ CSS : Quest for topics

agenda+ Adding t: labels to issues

agenda+ Baggage and their non-Unicode keys

agenda+ Compute Pressure API review

agenda+ format of agendas in calendar

agenda+ FPWD for Gurmukhi layout requirements ?

agenda+ Language/direction metadata in WebGPU

agenda+ non-ASCII example in Baggage

agenda+ pending comment for wcag review

agenda+ Review proposed changes to accept-language

agenda+ Rewrite of qa-bidi-unicode

agenda+ update the W3C style guide I18N section

agenda+ Use of ie, eg, etc

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

Event Invitation: I18N ⇔ CSS

Event Invitation: I18N ⇔ RDF*

Event Invitation: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Event Updated: I18N ⇔ CSS

Event Updated: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Glossary definitions for ijam and tashkil

HTML named entity issue [I18N-ACTION-1244]

I18N-ACTION-1229: Upgrade/edit the explainer to address issues raised by google

I18N-ACTION-1230: Make sure generics are comfortable to read in the content lanuage

I18N-ACTION-1231: Put one or two counter example into issue 6252 in css related to zwj/zwnj

I18N-ACTION-1232: make sure generics are comfortable to read in the content lanuage

I18N-ACTION-1233: put one or two counter-examples into issue 6252 in css related to zwj/zwnj

I18N-ACTION-1234: Follow up on w3/i18n-activity#1641 and #1642

I18N-ACTION-1235: Update the agenda format per discussion

I18N-ACTION-1236: Reply to leonie about keyboard events

I18N-ACTION-1237: Investigate issue 1651

I18N-ACTION-1238: Update qa-bidi-unicode-controls

I18N-ACTION-1239: Review and create list of terms from lreq

I18N-ACTION-1240: Publish gurmukhi lreq as first public note

I18N-ACTION-1241: Pull text from gpuweb as a reference until we have a more permanent solution

I18N-ACTION-1242: Add ijam/tashkil to the i18n-glossary

I18N-ACTION-1243: Reply to mani about i.e. and e.g. usw

I18N-ACTION-1244: Find the named entity issue in whatwg/html and see if we can re-raise

I18N-ACTION-1245: Make list of bidi terms to add to glossary

I18N-ACTION-1246: Raise github issue for list of glossary terms to add

I18N-ACTION-1247: Suggestion changes to example 13 in string-search

I18N-ACTION-1248: Check if the review issue template needs help assigning the project

I18N-ACTION-1249: Re-open html#5121 with comments from wg

I18N-ACTION-1250: Address i18n-glossary#22

I18N-ACTION-1251: Review glossary entries for conflicts with or consistency with infra

I18N-ACTION-1252: Request physical meeting at tpac

I18N-ACTION-1253: Propose changes to the bidi recommendation text and update spc pr 232 with that

I18N-ACTION-1254: Add issue to the accept-language repo with sense of wg

I18N-ACTION-1255: Write to coralie about the style guide

I18N-ACTION-1256: Update tr versions of specdev and glossary

I18N-ACTION-1257: Get character styling into w3c stylesheet

I18N-ACTION-1258: Work with respec and bikeshed to provide the character markup template as easy-to-use markup

I18N-ACTION-1259: Forward ken's email about right-to-left

I18N-ACTION-1260: Remove square brackets from the character styling template

Terms that are in the lreq docs but not in i18n-glossary

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