Re: Glossary definitions for ijam and tashkil

Hello Richard,

A comment on ijam:

At the start of the definition, you say "An ijam is a *diacritic*", but 
then later, you say "For example, ۈ [U+06C8 ARABIC LETTER YU] is an 
ijam". Shouldn't it be "For example, ۈ [U+06C8 ARABIC LETTER YU] 
*contains* an ijam"?

(It is not unheard of, of course, that a term gets used both for a 
component and the resulting composition, but I'm not sure that's the 
case here, and if it is, it should be called out explicitly.)

Regards,   Martin.

On 2023-02-22 02:37, r12a wrote:
> I have created new definitions for ijam and tashkil at
> I'm hoping that the definition text is generally clearer, but i also 
> changed the examples, since a hamza (in the old example) isn't really a 
> tashkil, and that example had some other problems.
> Fwiw, i adapted the definitions from 
> which 
> i'm still working on, and removed the text in the Arabic orthography 
> notes page that you previously pointed to.
> If the new definitions look ok, next step will be to replace the 
> definitions in the i18n WG glossary at
> ri

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