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2014 TPAC Agenda and Plans [I18N-ACTION-355]

[Bug 15489] forms: <input type=email> validation needs to be updated for EAI

[REMINDER] Review new project radar page [I18N-ACTION-371]

[XSLT30] I18N needs an extension [I18N-ACTION-372]

[XSLT30] XSLT 3.0 Last Call comments from I18N [I18N-ACTION-385]

Chinese font families

CSS Flexbox comments

I18N-ACTION-348: Clarify action 346

I18N-ACTION-349: Put together framework for wiki/document discussing issues and proposals for handling locale of form widgets

I18N-ACTION-350: Notify membership that i18n will meet with digpubs at 3 pm on friday at tpac

I18N-ACTION-351: Respond to intent to implement @lang in forms with note that we're building a document describing issues

I18N-ACTION-352: Change teleconference call time starting 13 november

I18N-ACTION-353: Send richard example of encoding test

I18N-ACTION-354: Ask css to change font spec example so kai is cursive not serif (or use an appropriate example font like song for serif)

I18N-ACTION-355: Establish wiki showing what our evolving plans are at tpac

I18N-ACTION-356: Work on converting cldr alphabetic index data to css predefined counter styles using automatic means, evaluating suitability of the data, and report back to wg

I18N-ACTION-357: Consider status of metadata for multilingual web usage scenarios document and report back to wg

I18N-ACTION-358: Retire requirements for its 2.0

I18N-ACTION-359: Revive ltli (language tags and locale identifiers)

I18N-ACTION-360: Survey publishers if there are requirements for additional/more specific styles in chinese e-books

I18N-ACTION-361: Check status of idns in ml data best practices

I18N-ACTION-362: Share information about public knowledge base materials for use on w3c site

I18N-ACTION-363: Follow up with membership on hackathon planning for (e.g.) iri/idn or encoding tests

I18N-ACTION-364: Document how "sticky" language negotiation is done in our pages as an article

I18N-ACTION-365: Create tombstone version of "authoring techniques for xhtml & html internationalizatoin: characters and encodings 1.0" as the end-of-life of this document

I18N-ACTION-366: Identify categories non-controversial for line-breaking to support i18n-issue-316 in css3-text

I18N-ACTION-367: Send richard coordinates for standards folks in china related to ebooks, etc.

I18N-ACTION-368: Ping jck about chinese people working on eai

I18N-ACTION-369: Change style sheets to new format for articles and tutorials et al.

I18N-ACTION-370: Recreate and keep up to date the "things we're working on" list

I18N-ACTION-371: Send email to member@ asking members to review their actions on project radar

I18N-ACTION-372: Ask the xslt folks for an extension on our comments

I18N-ACTION-373: Ask members of working group to be prepared to discuss eai address representation in xforms, html, et al

I18N-ACTION-374: Create wiki page to track discussion of eai address handling

I18N-ACTION-377: Set up github location for knowledgebase material

I18N-ACTION-378: Establish a tracker for the indic layout requirements document

I18N-ACTION-379: Respond to all comment emails publicly and prepare updated draft of indic layout document and send to richard

I18N-ACTION-380: Contact beihang staff with additional comments and suggested changes to cltf charter

I18N-ACTION-381: Check on eai documentation pages and send a link to the wg

I18N-ACTION-382: Update the wiki page on eai and clarify fully the current situation based on today's teleconference, adding the reference to the eai page when received from jck

I18N-ACTION-383: Follow up with cldr ticket to add counter style data

I18N-ACTION-384: Suggest wording for somnath to add to indic layout intro to explain that we'll do other languages later

I18N-ACTION-385: Write apologetic email about lateness and forward xslt3.0 comments

I18N-ACTION-386: Set up a tracker for linked data patch format and make steve shepherd

I18N-ACTION-387: Assign working group to look at uri file:// thread to discuss in next teleconference

I18N-ISSUE-387: AS2.0: Section 3.2: language example issues [activity]

I18N-ISSUE-388: Add explicit text about direction's relationship to 'start' and 'end' keywords [css-flexbox]

I18N-ISSUE-389: English should be given as an example (editorial) [css-flexbox]

I18N-ISSUE-390: Requirements for Latin Text Layout and Pagination?? [LatinLReq]

I18N-ISSUE-391: Quotation Marks are Different in Other Languages ?? [LatinLReq]

I18N-ISSUE-397: Interaction of variation selectors and proposed emoji modifiers ??

I18N-ISSUE-398: Defining Decimal Formats Permits Only Single Characters [xslt-30]

I18N-ISSUE-399: Provide Guidance on Collation Tailorings [xslt-30]

I18N-ISSUE-400: collation lang processing should refer to BCP47 ??

I18N-ISSUE-401: Clarify botton alignment point [Indic-Layout-Requirements]

I18N-ISSUE-402 (Copy/Paste IRI): Broken copy/paste behavior with IRIs [url]

Initial cut at Locale-based forms in HTML pages

Locale-based forms in HTML pages

LTLI changes

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