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[Bug 13392] i18n-ISSUE-72: BOM as preferred encoding declaration

[Bug 16590] View results broken for certain i18n-XML tests

[Bug 16957] i18n-ISSUE-85: Health warning about converting date to/from incremental time

[Bug 16959] i18n-ISSUE-88: local/floating date terminology

[Bug 16960] i18n-ISSUE-89: Time zones and local dates and times

[Bug 16970] i18n-ISSUE-105: compatibility caseless matching

[Bug 17504] Test harness broken

[Bug 17856] i18n-ISSUE-89: Time zones and local dates and times

[Bug 22718] I18N-ISSUE-123: explicit use of U+202C to close runs of phrasing content

[CSSWG][css-counter-styles] LCWD of CSS Counter Styles

Encoding spec status

I18N-ISSUE-278: Characters vs code points

I18N-ISSUE-280: Chinese remaining zeros [.prep-css3-counter-styles]

I18N-ISSUE-281: Problems with example 12 [.prep-css3-counter-styles]

I18N-ISSUE-282: Problems with Ethiopic-numeric algorithm [.prep-css3-counter-styles]

I18N-ISSUE-283: 113,023 [.prep-css3-counter-styles]

I18N-ISSUE-284: All negative capable [.prep-css3-counter-styles]

I18N-ISSUE-285: Hebrew number converter inadequate for numbers >= 1000 [.prep-css3-counter-styles]

I18N-ISSUE-287: Figure 4 - combining diacritics [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-288: Letterform differences [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-289: Blank in figure 7 [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-290: Case and normalization heads up [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-291: Fantasy and playful [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-292: Synthesised cyrillic italics [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-293: Aspect value vs aspect ratio [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-294: Fonts available on platforms [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-295: U+ in unicode-range descriptor [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-296: Non-usable characters in unicode-range [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-297: Double slash before URI [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-298: To ensure or to insure, that is the question [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-299: Cluster matching 1b [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-300: ja-jp too verbose [.prep-css3-fonts]

I18N-ISSUE-301: Unicode reference [.prep-css3-fonts]

New article: Indicating the language of a link destination

new draft: Using the HTML5 translate attribute

TPAC Participation [I18N-ACTION-259]

Urgent: Encoding spec status

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