results of HTML 5 text, editor, name questions

Thanks to the 102 participants who answered the
question formally, as well as those who participated
in the email and teleconference discussion around
the formal question.

The results clearly show a critical mass of support
for all 3 parts of the proposal, though not quite

The arguments behind the objections were concerns around
the relationship to XForms

and the relationship to HTML4 and SGML

One of the objections was withdrawn, conditionally...
"Is it permissible to stipulate that the question as posed was a
clerical error and that it should have included the provision
that it only applied if the WG's decision should happen to
permit it within the practical limitations?"

Yes, let's stipulate that practical limitations are part of
the question.

Some of the objections around XForms were withdrawn as well. .

More importantly, productive discussion of XForms architecture
and requirements has started.

So while the survey results don't show consensus, it seems
that we have a critical mass of support and a feasible means
to address the remaining objections over time.

We are resolved, then, that the W3C's next-generation HTML
specification be named "HTML 5" and to start review of the text
of the HTML 5 and WF2 specifications, and we welcome Ian Hickson
and Dave Hyatt as editors (while remaining open to the
possibility of other editors in the future).

Ian, Dave, would you please take
and and check them in under/near ? Please check in
the version that was current as of 26 April discussion,
rev785, as well as as many revisions since then that you like.

The copyright will be jointly held by the contributing
members and the W3C host institutions, as per the
"Ownership of Copyrights and Patents" section of the W3C
Membership agreement, to wit:

"Except as provided above, patentable inventions and copyrighted 
materials developed jointly by MIT, ERCIM, KEIO and Member during the 
course of Consortium activities shall be jointly owned. Each joint owner 
shall be entitled to exercise all rights of ownership as provided by 
law, without, however, an obligation of accounting from one to the 
other. Member acknowledges that all such jointly owned inventions, 
software or other copyrightable materials, or materials owned by Member 
made available by Member for Consortium activities, will be made 
available to the general public ..."

We'll soon begin a section-by-section group review of the
specification, collecting issues (but not discussing them at length,
nor necessarily resolving them right away).

As Dan is travelling this week, and we don't have issue tracking
tools in place just yet, we suggest taking the rest of week off from
HTML WG email discussion.

Chris and Dan, HTML WG co-chairs

Received on Wednesday, 9 May 2007 21:29:03 UTC