Re: results of HTML 5 text, editor, name questions

On Wed, 9 May 2007, Dan Connolly wrote:
> Ian, Dave, would you please take and 
> and check them in under/near 
> ?

Done. WF2 was actually already at: I put the HTML5 spec next to it:

Specifically the HTML5 spec is at:;%20charset=utf-8

...and the Web Forms 2 spec is at:;%20charset=utf-8

Note that the WF2 spec still claims to be a WAF WG spec. I don't propose 
to change that. Instead I think we should, as part of the review of the 
two documents, merge the WF2 work into the HTML5 spec, ensuring that it is 
compatible with the architecture that the Forms task force comes up with. 
The WF2 spec itself (though naturally not its text nor the features it 
defines) could thus be considered end-of-lined.

> Please check in the version that was current as of 26 April discussion, 
> rev785, as well as as many revisions since then that you like.

Technically, several versions were current during that discussion, as I 
made at least two checkins during the call. :-)

I checked in revision 785 and then synced it to revision 800, which is 
where we are today.

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