Re: results of HTML 5 text, editor, name questions

dan and chris:

in my 2 objections registered with the WBS system and posted to 
the list as:

i made an argument for using HTML4x as a foundational document 
and listed all of our W3C dependencies, and proposed that rather 
than accepting the Web Apps 2.0 in toto, we treat each innovation
change or deprecation on a case-by-case basis...

but my deeper concerns were expressed in:

wherein i re-stated what i had written into the straw poll's 
freeform comments section:

Question: does every member of the WG get a vote, even if there are 
a number of representatives from companies X, Y, and Z?  should they 
not have to come to consensus on a vote amongst themselves before 
casting a formal vote?  otherwise, this straw polling system could 
well prove unrepresentative, in that if vendors want to carry the 
day, they can flood the poll with bullet votes.

no one has replied to this query, which -- in a group such as this 
-- i believe is a question of import; this isn't just a single 
query, but a meta-query of the W3C working group process...

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