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[geometry] DOMMatrix: Why degrees instead of radians for rotation? /#!/JoePea (Thursday, 31 December)

DOMMatrix, etc. /#!/JoePea (Tuesday, 29 December)

[css-transforms] Clarify definition of <transform-function> Sebastian Zartner (Friday, 18 December)

[geometry] DOMMatrix and WebKitCSSMatrix Simon Pieters (Monday, 7 December)

FX meeting in Sydney? Nikos Andronikos (Thursday, 3 December)

Javascript properties and Houdini types Kevin Doughty (Monday, 30 November)

[web-animations] Fixing getAnimations() Brian Birtles (Thursday, 26 November)

[web-animations] Do we need to store original timing values when they are invalid? Brian Birtles (Wednesday, 25 November)

[css-transforms][css-filters] concept of establishing containing block L. David Baron (Wednesday, 25 November)

[css3-animations] Declaring an animation to trigger when element is detached from the DOM Zacqary Adam Xeper (Saturday, 21 November)

[filter-effects] Where does the issue list live? Boris Zbarsky (Thursday, 19 November)

[web-animations] Freeing up forwards-filling Animation objects Brian Birtles (Thursday, 19 November)

[geometry] Remove liveness (was: Re: [blink-dev] Re: Intent to Implement: Geometry Interfaces) Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 17 November)

[css-filters] bounding box / filter region vs. child transforms Stephen White (Tuesday, 17 November)

[css-masking] 'mask-mode' must not have a value called 'auto' L. David Baron (Tuesday, 10 November)

[css-masking] coordinate spaces for clipPathUnits="" and maskUnits="" when targetting non-SVG elements Cameron McCormack (Friday, 6 November)

[css-masking] when to interpret 'mask-image' as SVG mask vs. image? L. David Baron (Thursday, 5 November)

[geometry] Name of DOMMatrix and related classes is out of place. /#!/JoePea (Thursday, 29 October)

[css-masking] clip-path: path() Simon Fraser (Thursday, 15 October)

Re: [web-animations] Rethinking document.timeline.getAnimations Shane Stephens (Thursday, 8 October)

Re: Need for extended cubic-beziers L. David Baron (Friday, 2 October)

[web-animations] Should computedTiming return a live object? Brian Birtles (Thursday, 1 October)

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