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[dxwg] [profont] Are the main prof: classes are association-classes? (#638)

[dxwg] Add dct:conformsTo to dcat:CatalogRecord (#502)

[dxwg] Add list of contributors to the DCAT document (#543)

[dxwg] add RFC 6906 to profiles ontology (#629)

[dxwg] Add support for errata in Req track documents (e.g. DCAT) (#545)

[dxwg] Added DoW best practices (#630)

[dxwg] added requirements from UCR document (#624)

[dxwg] Adding dct:accessRights to DCAT (#160)

[dxwg] cleaned up with requirements (#628)

[dxwg] Confusion between major classes as newly defined in DCAT (#431)

[dxwg] Data quality model [RDQM] (#58)

[dxwg] DCAT - ISO 19115 alignment (profile) (#151)

[dxwg] Dcat issue53 riccardo (#614)

[dxwg] Dcat issue79 datasets (don't merge yet) (#613)

[dxwg] Deleting closed issues from the DCAT document (#633)

[dxwg] Dereferenceable identifiers [RDID] (#53)

[dxwg] Determine final namespace (#398)

[dxwg] draft DCAT 2018 to ISO19115-3 and 19139 mapping (#618)

[dxwg] edits for vocabulary overview (#619)

[dxwg] Identifier type [RIDT] (#68)

[dxwg] Licenses/rights/obligations on Services (#248)

[dxwg] List only non-inherited properties for each class (#621)

[dxwg] Metadata about server profile support can be used for discovery and mediated traversal via content negotiation. [ID5] (5.5) (#264)

[dxwg] new commits pushed by agbeltran

[dxwg] new commits pushed by aisaac

[dxwg] new commits pushed by davebrowning

[dxwg] new commits pushed by dr-shorthair

[dxwg] new commits pushed by nicholascar

[dxwg] new commits pushed by rob-metalinkage

[dxwg] Nick moved from author to editor (#627)

[dxwg] Primary and alternative identifier [RIDALT] (#67)

[dxwg] Profiles are "named collections of properties" or metadata terms (if not RDF) [ID41] (5.41) (#275)

[dxwg] Profiles Guide doc Security and Privacy (#478)

[dxwg] Profiles must support discoverability via search engines [ID40] (UC 5.40) (#222)

[dxwg] Profiles offered by a service must be discoverable through a machine-readable graph of metadata that describes what is offered and how to invoke the offered profiles. [ID5] (5.5) (#288)

[dxwg] Project context [RPCX] (#71)

[dxwg] Pull Request: Added DoW best practices

[dxwg] Pull Request: added requirements from UCR document

[dxwg] Pull Request: Addressing text of the conformsTo property in both: dcat:Resource and…

[dxwg] Pull Request: cleaned up with requirements

[dxwg] Pull Request: Corrected version wrt GeoDCAT-AP_IT

[dxwg] Pull Request: DCAT affiliation change daveb

[dxwg] Pull Request: Dcat deleting closed issues53and68git riccardo

[dxwg] Pull Request: Dcat issue53 riccardo

[dxwg] Pull Request: Dcat issue79 datasets (don't merge yet)

[dxwg] Pull Request: dcat: deleting closed issue #431

[dxwg] Pull Request: draft DCAT 2018 to ISO19115-3 and 19139 mapping

[dxwg] Pull Request: Editorial revision to Section 12.1 -

[dxwg] Pull Request: edits for vocabulary overview

[dxwg] Pull Request: Fix namespace, class and property names to match current version of ontology

[dxwg] Pull Request: Fix to DCAT-AP-IT example & diagram

[dxwg] Pull Request: fixed some formatting

[dxwg] Pull Request: Fixed spec status on GH

[dxwg] Pull Request: Kcoyle add from ucr

[dxwg] Pull Request: Profiles examples pav simon

[dxwg] Pull Request: refs to PROF docs updated to DX-...

[dxwg] Pull Request: Ucr profile requirements updated and PubRules tested

[dxwg] qualified attribution pattern (#611)

[dxwg] Registration of target attribute "profile" for the Link-Header (#501)

[dxwg] Related datasets [RRDS] (#81)

[dxwg] Revised Section 9 (License and rights statements) (#607)

[dxwg] RFC 5988 is obsoleted by RFC 8288 (#632)

[dxwg] There need to be an http-based mechanism to point to representations conforming to other profiles [ID30] (5.30) (#266)

[dxwg] Ucr profile requirements updated and PubRules tested (#631)

A face-to-face in Spring?

ACTION-86: AndreaPerego to consider if dct:accessRights should be inlcuded in DCAT (Dataset Exchange Working Group)

Agenda for CNEG Telecon 2018-12-05

Agenda plenary Dec. 11

Are Linked Data Templates similar to profiles?

Call for Exclusions: Content Negotiation by Profile

Call for Exclusions: The Profiles Ontology

Canceled: DCAT sub-group (November-April schedule)

Closed: [dxwg] Add dct:conformsTo to dcat:CatalogRecord (#502)

Closed: [dxwg] Adding dct:accessRights to DCAT (#160)

Closed: [dxwg] Confusion between major classes as newly defined in DCAT (#431)

Closed: [dxwg] Dereferenceable identifiers [RDID] (#53)

Closed: [dxwg] Funding source [RFS] (#66)

Closed: [dxwg] Identifier type [RIDT] (#68)

Closed: [dxwg] Property to link to the actual implementation artefacts in a profile description (#362)

DCAT Subgroup 2018.12.12 - minutes

dxwg-ACTION-268: Finalize UCR draft

dxwg-ACTION-269: Approach rob and nick and ask for comment request

dxwg-ACTION-270: to review Luca Trani's response and report to DCAT subgroup

dxwg-ACTION-271: Review Luca Trani's response and report to DCAT subgroup

dxwg-ACTION-272: Analyze profiles requirements vs current profgui outline

dxwg-ACTION-273: to mark actions closed where possible

dxwg-ACTION-274: create GH issue to create Hydra example

Email Minutes for ProfGui 2018-12-12

FPWD's on Dec. 18

FPWDs on W3C

FPWDs published!

Last 2018 meeting, Dec. 18/19

Minutes for DCAT Subgroup 2018.12.05

New UCR draft

Organizing comment period for FPWDs

Plenary Agenda December 4

Proposed agenda for DCAT Subgroup 2018.12.05

Proposed agenda for DCAT Subgroup 2018.12.12

Proposed agenda for DCAT Subgroup 2018.12.19

Proposed agenda for ProfGui Subgroup 2018.12.12


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