Email Minutes for ProfGui 2018-12-12

The ProfGui teleconference this morning was short and only had Karen and me in attendance. We will use this email as an informal set of Minutes for the meeting and link the agenda to it.

We discussed the following topics, informal actions included:

  *   Meeting times
     *   New time definitely needed as this one is unsuitable for many
     *   Karen is OK for a Europe & Australia-friendly timeslot (i.e. America-un friendly)
     *   Nick: will send out a poll email
  *   Profiles doc progression
     *   Highest priority is getting UCR content into Profiles doc
        *   Karen: will compare UCR structure (the 4 profiles categories of Requirements)
     *   Some other known tasks:
        *   Nick: to add in a summary of the Profiles Ontology, now that's updated
        *   Nick: to bring in a sentence or two about each example of profiling
           *   Adding to sections already there
           *   Likely splitting between summary, in doc, and detail, in Appendix or GitHub
        *   Nick: complete some prosaic sections like Security & Privacy
        *   Nick: to add in some notes/links to the Profile Conneg work as it's currently unrepresented



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