RE: Are Linked Data Templates similar to profiles?

Agree that I understand the work as Antoine does: I see the Christopher Gutteridge mail's relevance but not perhaps the Martynas Jusevičius work.

We should have the FPWDs published Thursday, UK time, according to Dave R. so we can send out notifications about it then.


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I've tried to read and I can't really relate it to our work, though I can't rule out there could be a link. It's just very hard to understand what this could be about. I'd have said that it enables translating CRUD operations into SPARQL queries (create, describe, update, delete), but if it's this, then I don't understand why Martynas Jusevičius said it was an answer to Christopher Gutteridge's mail.

This said Christopher Gutteridge's mail do fall in scope for our work I think. Maybe we could advertise our FPWD to the public-lod mailing list, instead of the Declarative Linked Data Apps Community Group. The Conneg one seems the most relevant for Christopher's mail, with PROF being a second step.

(side question: have someone ever shared our work with that list?
I see no mention of DCAT documents there:



On 03/12/2018 11:42, Car, Nicholas (L&W, Dutton Park) wrote:
> First I've come across it Lars so thanks for bringing it to our attention!
> Not really sure what to do from here though, other than to re-read their documents and send all of our FPWD notifications to the  Declarative Linked Data Apps Community Group.
> Thanks,
> Nick
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> Subject: Are Linked Data Templates similar to profiles?
> Hi all,
> on public-lod, Christopher Gutteridge highlighted that there is no "contract" for what is returned when you dereference a URI [1] which to me sounds like a need for profiles (he even talks about application profiles). Martynas Jusevičius answered [2], that they have something called "Linked Data Templates" [3] that are supposed to solve this. Are any of you familiar with those?
> [1]

> [2]

> [3]

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> Lars

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