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Agenda for tomorrow's DPVCG call

agenda+ The future of the DPVCG

dpv vocabulary updated

dpvcg-ACTION-135: Will make a formal proposal for an extension/modification in this direction.

dpvcg-ACTION-136: Remind bert to approve both last meetings' minutes next time (26 november)

dpvcg-ACTION-137: Apply harsh's patch to the html and rdf and republish, due 2019-11-28

dpvcg-ACTION-138: Add a link to the spreadsheet to the wiki, for safekeeping.

dpvcg-ISSUE-28: Include a way to indicate PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

dpvcg-ISSUE-29: Issue in RDF/Ontology: Organise is a subClass of itself

dpvcg-ISSUE-30: Issue in RDF/Ontology: conflicting definitions of terms

dpvcg-ISSUE-31: Add rdfs:labels to terms in RDF/Ontology

dpvcg-ISSUE-32: How to resolve conflicting definitions when adopting the DPV vocabulary?

dpvcg-ISSUE-33: The categorisation of Pseudoanonymisation and Encryption is not (semantically) correct

dpvcg-ISSUE-34: Is the ontology actually modular? Can its individual 'components' be reused?

dpvcg-ISSUE-35: Add parent class information to documentation

dpvcg-ISSUE-36: Generic document explaining the vocabulary for non-technical audiences

Use Case Description to close Action 130

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