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Bugs... David Burns (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27671] New: return list of input sources in session capabilities. (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27670] New: rename input device to input source (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27669] New: rename batch to tick (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27667] New: remove prose on required input sources. Should not mandate anything (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27666] New: define unsupported input sources should throw unexpected parameter status (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27665] New: define input devices capabilities (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27664] New: clarify how to add more parameters to each action (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27663] New: specify that interpretation of required capabilities depends on the capability itself; whether it's met or not. Language for that each one is special cased. What it means to fulfil a capability is defined by that capability itself (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27662] New: redefine what is an interactable element and basically say webelement.sendkeys() should return an error when the element isn't focusable (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27661] New: takeScreenshot to only return viewport of the browser (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27659] New: specify which headers we expect: cache-control and content-type (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27658] New: Create algorithm for "for element that;s bigger then the viewport. we scroll to 0,0 of that element. If the element can not be fully scrolled take a screenshot of the element that is in the viewport" for takesElementScreenshot (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27657] New: clarify that you don't send body with GET requests (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27656] New: clarify how to send no parameters (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27655] New: ato to add intermediate nodes as an example use case (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27647] New: Assign http status codes to each error (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27646] New: Update screenshot to say that screenshots should only return view port (Thursday, 18 December)

[Bug 27645] New: Document http pre and post conditions that all commands will use (Wednesday, 17 December)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Tuesday, 16 December)

[Bug 27632] New: [WebDriver Spec]: (Tuesday, 16 December)

[Bug 27631] New: New (Tuesday, 16 December)

Invalid driver state error Andreas Tolfsen (Monday, 17 November)

Platform Names from normative text using proprietary names to a note and... David Burns (Tuesday, 11 November)

HTTP Response Codes - Just for clarity David Burns (Saturday, 8 November)

[Bug 27244] New: [WebDriver Spec]: Add support for accelKey as meta key to ease the usage of command keys (Wednesday, 5 November)

Content Security Policy and WebDriver Jim Evans (Monday, 3 November)

[Bug 27223] New: Need clarification on JavaScript execution when Content Security Policy is in place (Monday, 3 November)

[Bug 27183] New: Add the possibility to properly handle the Browsers Tabs in Selenium3 (Tuesday, 28 October)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Monday, 27 October)

[Bug 26286] Add prefix to JSON URLs (Monday, 27 October)

[Bug 27177] New: Ability to take screenshots of containers like flash/java (Sunday, 26 October)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Friday, 24 October)

[Bug 27163] New: [WebDriver Spec]: section 10. Reading Element State, missing endpoints for element size / location (Friday, 24 October)

[Bug 27136] New: [WebDriver Spec]: URL Path prefix needs to be defined (Wednesday, 22 October)

[Bug 20860] WebDriver Level 1 (Tuesday, 21 October)

[Bug 25687] Remove "perform" in actions as spec doesn't care about local end API (Tuesday, 21 October)

Wiki Page Up and Call for Agenda Items David Burns (Tuesday, 21 October)

[Bug 27103] New: Allow nested dictionaries in capabilities (Sunday, 19 October)

[Bug 27097] New: Mandate ordering which required capabilities must be checked (Saturday, 18 October)

[Bug 26962] New: Define what response should be sent when an alert is open (Friday, 3 October)

Proposal: Setting all capabilities to required David Burns (Thursday, 2 October)

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