[web-annotation] Cardinality of the processingLanguage?

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== Cardinality of the processingLanguage? ==
There are several complains about the processingLanguage property, 
some saying that this is not property documented, some of them saying 
that it is not needed at all #335 

The processingLanguage was introduced after the i18n review, mainly as
 solution to the complain that dc:language has multiple values and NLP
 algorithms need exactly 1 language as input (which I doubt).

This ticket is to clarify why does the processingLanguage need to have
 cardinality 1, in an annotation which has a  dc:language with 2 or 
more values?

Consequently, what is the exact difference between the values that 
should be included in the processingLanguage and the ones included in 

Who should decide the the value of the processingLanguage in the 
annotation's life cycle?
Is it the end user? (is yes why?)
Is it the client application? (if yes how should these values be 
Is it the server? (probably, if it uses NLP, which values should be 
set, and how is ensured the consistency with the dc:language)

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