Re: [web-annotation] Cardinality of the processingLanguage?

Yes, it does not solve absolutely every problem of having multiple 
languages in text, without explicitly identifying which sections of 
the text are in which language. I don't know how you would expect it 
to do that, even if it did have multiple values.

The 80% use case we're trying to solve is when there is a primary 
language, that requires a particular hyphenation algorithm, line 
breaking or word detection algorithm, a particular font or similar. As
 per the description in the specification.  If there were two 
processing languages, the client wouldn't be in any better situation 
than it is with just dc:language -- they'd always be identical.

So you can either have just dc:language, which is generally 
descriptive of the content and no other property, or you can have 
dc:language plus textDirection with a single value, to cover the cases
 where there __is__ a clear language to use for processing the text. 
We can't solve the unsolvable problem of multiple processing 
languages.   Unless, as repeatedly asked, you have an actual proposal 
rather than just complaints?

We intentionally do not specify what a client or server SHOULD do with
 any information in the __model__. We don't say how a client should 
render the body, we don't say how it should lay out annotations on 
annotations, we don't say what it should do with the motivations, nor 
the agents.  We don't say what a server should do with the bodies, or 
anything else. This is not that specification.

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Received on Monday, 8 August 2016 20:47:22 UTC