RE: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Scott Lawrence wrote:

> > From:
> > Subject: HTTP Extensions Framework status?
> >      I saw that a new draft was issued in March, but that's
> > expired, and I
> > can't find anything further. Can anyone enlighten me as to
> > the status of
> > this work?
> We've been trying to get it published as an RFC.

One data point: I asked Keith Moore about the status at WWW8 (May this
year), he told me that they were thinking about it, but it did not sound
like anything would happen soon.
> So far, there has been support within the IESG for making it an
> Experimental, but that would make it a no-no to reference in
> standards-track documents.  Since there are a number of things that
> would like to use it and go to standards-track, we are trying to get
> that changed.

I guess I should mention here that I am one of the main proponents of
making it experimental only, at least until we have more experience etc,
and I have told the IESG so. I'm not convinced that using the -ext-
framework is superior to just defining some new methods/headers.


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