RE: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

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> Subject: Re: HTTP Extensions Framework status? 
> Open and timely discussion seems entirely appropriate, and I 
> apologize 
> for my poor handling of this document.  But I think that the 
> author of 
> an individual subimssion needs to demonstrate both technical quality 
> and widespread community support for the document, and that 
> objections 
> during Last Call need to be taken as potential evidence of a lack of 
> consensus.  In the absence of clear community consensus 
> support for the 
> document to be on the standards track, we need to take the 
> conservative 
> view, and this means not approving the document as a standard.
Call me ignorant, but my understanding was that last call comments
were to be delivered openly to the WG or submitter.  
Henrik, have you seen the comments that keith is referring to?
I haven't.  It seems that there wasnt a good opportunity for 
open discussion on the comments.
> Keith

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