RE: HTTP Extensions Framework status?

The IETF has lots of problems with apps. The number of working groups has
over whelmed the IETF apparatus, both the IESG and the ADs have been
overloaded. Maybe it is time that we declare that apps are just too big and
too complicated for the IETF architecture. Maybe it's time that Apps leaves
the IETF and forms its own organization.

Eventually the kids have to grow up and move on, maybe that time has come
for apps.

		Just a thought,

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> > > It's been approved by IESG (at the last IESG teleconference)
> > > for publication as Experimental.
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> >Will we get a note from the IESG explaining why Experimental and what
> >would be needed to move it to standards track?  There are 
> some efforts
> >that hope to be standards track that have been planning to use and
> >reference it; this will create a problem for them.
> Standard Operating Procedure for features that we're 
> uncertain about the 
> value of is that we issue them as Experimental so that people can 
> experiment with them from a stable reference, and when 
> someone needs it for 
> something we all agree should go standards-track, it is 
> reissued as Proposed.
> Happening with DNS SRV records, for instance.
> Or (for those with long memories) to the X.400/SMTP gateway specs.
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