Forms Working Group Resolutions and Outstanding Action items

Description Date Created Open Action Items References
Move the events attributes to Common and remove them from individual elements 2005-01-13 Resolution 2005-01-13.1
Remove the labels "susbstantive" and "clarification" from the XForms 1.0 errata document. 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.4
E61 the setindex element, change 1 to startindex 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.5
The point that rewiring occurrs needs to be specifically defined, so that dynamic UI bindings happen properly. 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.6
All the events that are dispatched in revalidate must therefore (in relation to Resolution 2005-06-15.6) be moved into refresh, since they have to happen after rewiring. 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.7
move XVC to be a ui notification event and reflect in the erratum wording (E70a). 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.8
A future version of XForms will include a set of events that notify the state of the model, and whose target is not a form control. 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.9
Drop erratum E48. 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.13
No proposals or counter proposals without near spec. ready text from proposers. 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.14
Document resolutions to be incorporated as part of the actions document 2005-06-15 Resolution 2005-06-15.15
will use old E70B text 2005-06-23 Resolution 2005-06-23.1
not accepted E29 2005-06-23 Resolution 2005-06-23.2
Include the id function from XPath 2.0 in XForms 1.1 2005-07-14 Resolution 2005-07-14.1
Replace action accepted for XForms 1.1 as is (see 2005-07-14 Resolution 2005-07-14.2
XForms 1.1 make ampersand default separator in submission (see: 2005-07-14 Resolution 2005-07-14.3
Add pattern MIP and regular expression functions from XPath 2.0 ( to XForms 1.1 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.1
The default behviour is for alert to be presented to the user if its parent form control is invalid and available. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.2
After consideration of it was decided that there will be no model attribute on <close/> as close closes the entire user agent and the model attribute might mislead an author. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.3
Add an erratum to XForms 1.0 stating that all cases exist whether or not active. Events are not dispatched to controls in non-selected cases. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.4
Add a confirm action to XForms 1.1 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.5
Implement dialogue like functionality by introducing modal attribute and appearance="popup" on the group element in XForms 1.1 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.6
Add conditional actions to XForms 1.1 by adding the functionality decribed in (if, while, iterate and invoke). 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.7
XForms 1.1 Add set of simple data types to the XForms namespace that are a union of xsd: data types and empty string (allows empty values to be valid). 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.8
Take DOM approach to defining a submission spec. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.9
Erratum to section XForms 1.0, 11.1 to make clear that an empty nodeset on submission results in a submit-error. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.10
Accept as an erratum to XForms 1.0 the proposed wording in 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.11
Remove the empty bind from test 3.3.2d 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.12
create test for <bind nodeset="x"><bind calculate=".."/></bind> after erratum is published 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.13
Remove test 3.5.1.b from test suite 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.14
rewrite test case 4.6.3.a to use two models. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.15
Fix test 6.1.3.b by building a schema to make schema valid the instance element with the xsi:nill attribute. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.16
New erratum for 6.1.4 - change "should be hidden or unavailable" to "must make hidden or unavailable" to match the table at end of the section. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.17
erratum to XForms 1.0, 10.1.2. to bring the spec. into line with the schema, which says that the default value of @bubbles is "true". 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.18
rewrite test 11.1.a to show that you can't have more than one instance of a single submission going simultaneously. 2005-09-08 Resolution 2005-09-08.19
Generate new rev. of the XForms 1.1 thin spec. to reflect changes to 1.1 agreed at the Raleigh FtF (Sept 2005). 2005-09-22 Resolution 2005-09-22.1
Remove iterate from 1.1 2005-10-20 Resolution 2005-10-20.1
Adopt John's approach to updating insert for XForms 1.1 instead of using duplicate. 2005-10-20 Resolution 2005-10-20.2
Erratum E66f remove example and immediately preceding para of 9.3.2 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.1
Do change namespace for XForms 1.1 as already agreed. 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.2
choose() function with the 2nd and 3rd parameters being of type object. The type of object controls the type of output, and rules of comparisons in terms of downcasting 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.3
getElementById() function becomes id() again to align with XPath 2.0 and is defined to be able to return more than one node from a specified nodeset 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.4
XForms 1.1 add replace action to allow a whole document to be replaced by another (<replace ref="" origin=""/>). 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.5
replace "confirm" proposal with proposal for prompt in XForms 1.1 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.6
appearance="compact" on xforms:repeat should cause the repeat to be rendered as a table, using the labels of the first row (direct children of the repeat only) as column headers. 2005-11-09 Action 2005-11-09.20 Resolution 2005-11-09.7
Define use of method="put" when submitting to a local file store so that the instance put immediately replaces that currently in the form, unless replace="none" 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.8
XForms 1.0 erratum to state that when cases are toggled the xforms:deselect event is fired after a case is deselected, but before the new case is selected, so that the deslected case receives the xforms:deselect event. 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.9
XForms 1.1: presentation="minimal" on a trigger is a hint to make look like text 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.10
XForms 1.1 add serialize="false" on submission. 2005-11-09 Resolution 2005-11-09.11
We remove chameleon namespaces and don't replace them with anything. 2006-01-31 Resolution 2006-01-31.1
Include XSLT document containing transform from XHTML 1.0 to XForms 1.0 in the XForms 1.0 document set. 2006-03-02 Resolution 2006-03-02.1
Add help and hint to item and choices even though they can't yet be added to itemset until the way templating constructs work has been better documented. 2006-03-02 Resolution 2006-03-02.2
use the 1.0 namespace URI as _the_ XForms namespace URI for 1.1 2006-03-02 Resolution 2006-03-02.3
Devise internal versioning mechanism within XForms 1.1 to distinguishing 1.0 and 1.1 without having to use different namespaces. 2006-03-02 Resolution 2006-03-02.4
Remove note from 7.3.3 for 1.0 2nd Edition 2006-03-02 Resolution 2006-03-02.5
XForms 1.1 - help/hint have the default behaviour of ev:propagate="stop" to prevent more than one help/hint being presented to a user at once. 2006-04-26 Resolution 2006-04-26.1
XForms 1.1 help/hint allowed as children of itemset. 2006-04-26 Resolution 2006-04-26.2
A load action defined using single node binding that does not point to a node fails silently. 2006-05-31 Resolution 2006-05-31.1
XForms 1.0, Full: The type model item property can be applied to both elements and attributes. The type model item property is not applied to instance nodes that contain child elements. The type model item property associates a datatype (bib ref to XML schema part 2) with the string value (bib ref XPath 1) of an instance node. The datatype being associated can be obtained from: a simpleType definition; the simpleContent definition of a complexType. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.1
Add generalising the context attribute as part of binding single and nodeset binding, and use of lone model [to allow the setting of context without ref] to the future requirements document. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.2
Manipulation of submission headers to be added to 1.1 submission ( 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.3
Tracking submission desirable for a future version of XForms once there is implementation experience ( 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.4
XForms 1.1, event context. The event() function to return an XML document fragment containing the context for the current event. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.5
Providing the means to cancel a submission at runtime added to requirements for future versions of XForms. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.6
XForms 1.1: Don't deprecate urlencoded-post submission. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.7
XForms 1.1: include the DELETE HTTP method as part of submission. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.8
XForms 1.1 has two submission modes, asynchronous and synchronous. The desried mode is indicated by adding a mode attribute to submission. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.9
Asynchronous is the default submisison mode for XForms 1.1. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.10
XForms 1.1 Synchronous submission mode: the XForms processor suspends operation [provide examples] of all its form controls and XForms-submit default processing blocks until submit-done/submit-error are completed 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.11
XForms 1.1: Dynamic submission to be expressed by giving the submission element the following child elements: <resource ref/value=""/> <header name/ref/value="">or content</header> 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.12
XForms 1.1 load to support the resource and header elements defined for dynamic submission. 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.13
add optional id attribute to common attributes in XForms 1.0 schema 2006-06-14 Resolution 2006-06-14.14
Put the Read Only issue with mixed content on hold, until mixed content is solved 2006-07-19 Resolution 2006-07-19.1
Set Value with XPath to a non existing node will NO OP 2006-07-19 Resolution 2006-07-19.2
Publish XForms 1.0 Second Edition Errata on July 12th, 2006 2006-07-5 Resolution 2006-07-5.1
Publish current draft of XForms 1.1 thin spec on July 12th, 2006 2006-07-5 Resolution 2006-07-5.2
We use the XPath data model and so ancestor includes attributes. 2006-08-02 Resolution 2006 08 02.1
We should consider a global instance as part of the future requirement for cross-model communication. 2006-08-09 Resolution 2006 08 09.1
Publish by copying these contents into Copy the old contents to REC-xforms-20060314-errata-20060712.html or other name agreed to by John and Steven to preserve link to "previous version" of errata. 2006-09-06 Resolution 2006-09-6.1
The HTML and Forms Working Groups resolve that all versions of XHTML may be delivered using the Internet media Type text/html. 2006-09-13 Resolution 2006-09-13.1
The Forms Working Group resolves to modularizes XForms according to XHTML Modularization 1.1, and to include in that module implicit data model support for form controls consistent with XHTML 1.1. 2006-09-13 Resolution 2006-09-13.1
The HTML Working Group resolves to publish an XHTML Modularisation 1.1 Profile that includes: the XForms M12N module mentioned in the above resolution, XML Events, RDFa, Role, and if possible the access module and enhancement for tabindex to support accessibility. 2006-09-13 Resolution 2006-09-13.1
The HTML Working Group resolves to publish this profile as the basis for the next generation of HTML, XHTML 1.2. 2006-09-13 Resolution 2006-09-13.1
Start having telecons on the week after the face-to-face meetings 2006-09-14 Resolution 2006-09-14.1
Define Simplified XForms module for XHTML 1.2 rec track. Done by Forms WG independently of XForms 1.1 for use only with XHTML. May consider merge of some features into core XForms after 1.1. 2006-09-14 Resolution 2006-09-14.2
XForms group will use shane's system for issue handling 2006-09-14 Resolution 2006-09-14.3
Headers as children of submission or load: <header [nodeset]><name [value]><value [value]></header>*, where name and value can use content if the value attribute is not given 2006-09-14 Resolution 2006-09-14.4
Add to submission target attribute and replace="text" as described above. 2006-09-14 Resolution 2006-09-14.5
Mediatype (or its default) sets default content-type header for http-based submissions, and use of header element overrides 2006-09-15 Resolution 2006-09-15.1
Mediatype (or its default) affects the serialization. The default serialization is still given by the method attribute, but it is overridden by mediatype. 2006-09-15 Resolution 2006-09-15.2
Add attribute and child element 'verb' to submission element 2006-09-15 Resolution 2006-09-15.3
Postpone value attribute on output element to xforms 1.2 2006-09-15 Resolution 2006-09-15.4
When using xf-output, interaction between the rendered content and the containing document is undefined. 2006-09-15 Resolution 2006-09-15.5
We will not add a calculate attribute to output or other controls in XForms 1.1. 2006-10-04 Resolution 2006-10-4.1
We get rid of xforms-link-exception under 4.6.1 The xforms-submit Event. 2006-10-11 Resolution 2006-10-11.1
We remove from 1.1 the application of help/hint to item and choices. 2006-10-11 Resolution 2006-10-11.2
Make level attribute optional on message action in 1.1. 2006-10-11 Resolution 2006-10-11.3
We change hash-encode() to digest(). 2006-10-18 Resolution 2006-10-18.1
Publish as next Working Draft as soon as possible. 2006-11-01 Resolution 2006-11-01.1
XForms 1.1 attribute submission on send and submit is optional and defaults to the first submission in the model associated with the in-scope context node. Dispatch to be re-written to say it is not just a shorthand. 2006-11-01 Resolution 2006-11-01.2
Have further errata for XForms 1.0 to clarify that when the model is not specify on rebuild/revalidate/recalculate/refresh, then the model is the one associated with the in-scope evaluation context node. 2006-11-01 Resolution 2006-11-01.3
We accept the change to E17 as: A binding element is "outermost" if the element has no ancestor binding elements. If the outermost binding element is contained by a model element, then the context node for the element is the top-level document element node of the default instance of the containing model. Otherwise, the context node for outermost binding elements is the top-level document element node of the default instance in the default model. The context size and position are 1. 2006-11-08 Resolution 2006-11-08.1
Consolidate valid/invalid notification marking into one bullet as is done for notification events in recalculate. Add to each notification event marking bullet a sentence which says "Only one of the two events can be marked for dispatch at any time." 2006-11-15 Resolution 2006-11-15.1
Withdraw E14 and publish new erratum saying model-construct "Performs the behavior of xforms-rebuild, xforms-recalculate, and xforms-revalidate without dispatching events." Do this at the same time as we move the bind processing into rebuild. 2006-11-15 Resolution 2006-11-15.2
We with draw E1.1 and re-issue it with "otherwise the size of the homogeneous collection if it contains fewer than startindex items." 2006-11-15 Resolution 2006-11-15.3
We remove in 7.10.6 "In either case, the time time zone is omitted, the time zone is omitted from the return result." and add an example substring(local-date(), 1,10) returns 2006-11-13. 2006-11-15 Resolution 2006-11-15.4
We remove the xforms-close event because it would be too much work to specify how to handle multiple models and we keep the discussion in mind for a future version. 2006-11-16 Resolution 2006-11-16.1
The Forms WG adopts Dave Raggett's Forms Lite Proposal as a starting point for discussions leading to the FPWD for XForms Tiny. 2006-11-16 Resolution 2006-11-16.2
Forms Tiny developed by the Forms WG will be renamed XForms Tiny. 2006-11-16 Resolution 2006-11-16.3
Dave Raggett to become to the Lead of the Development Effort of XForms Tiny within the Forms WG. 2006-11-16 Resolution 2006-11-16.4
Make nodeset optional on insert, if not specified then equal behavior to empty nodeset result. If at attribute not specified on delete, then delete whole nodeset. Do not apply first node rule to origin attribute. Insert inserts all nodes identified by origin. time box to two weeks from now to complete spec. 2006-11-16 Resolution 2006-11-16.5
When a form control goes from enabled to disabled, whether by relevance or node disappearance, we send xforms-disabled. When a form control goes from disabled to enabled, whether by relevance or node appearance (through any means including but not necessarily limited to insert, submission instance replacements, or getInstance() based scripted DOM mutation), the markup-based event handlers are hooked up and the following events are sent: xforms-enabled, xforms-value-changed, one of xforms-valid or xforms-invalid, one of xforms-readonly or xforms-readwrite, one of xforms-required or xforms-optional, one of xforms-in-range or xforms-out-of-range. 2006-11-17 Resolution 2006-11-17.1
We add this to group: "All content elements (e.g. form controls, groups, switches, repeats and host language content) within a non-relevant group are handled as non-relevant. When a group becomes non-relevant, it must receive event xforms-disabled and then the XForms action handlers that are listening for events on the non-relevant group must be disabled. When a non-relevant group changes to being relevant, the XForms action handlers that listen for events on the group must become enabled and then the group must receive the event xforms-enabled." 2006-11-17 Resolution 2006-11-17.2
The attribute value for the type attribute is interpreted as QName. When the name has no namespace prefix, then the default namespace URI in context is used. 2006-11-17 Resolution 2006-11-17.3
We add a future requirement to allow the results of calculate be to cast according to assigned data type perhaps with cast functions that are used automatically, or use XPath 2.0. 2006-11-17 Resolution 2006-11-17.4
We accept the id() function editorial note. 2006-11-17 Resolution 2006-11-17.5
We do not issue a note about specically causing model/@version to fail, because it should anyway. 2006-11-17 Resolution 2006-11-17.6
We publish the XForms 1.1 full spec after moving patent policy to reflect current status (2002). 2006-11-29 Resolution 2006-11-29.1
We remove dashes from the id card and luhn example and include a note. 2006-11-29 Resolution 2006-11-29.2
We remove the erratum from XForms 1.0 SE from XForms 1.0 TE. 2006-11-29 Resolution 2006-11-29.3
In 8.3.4 and 8.3.5 we strike the "equivalent to" sentences, leaving xforms-help and xforms-hint as interaction events with default processing. 2006-12-12 Resolution 2006-12-12.1
We move forward to publish an XForms 1.0 TE PER based on the existing errata. 2007-01-17 Resolution 2007-01-17.1
The XForms Working Group congratulates Mikko Honkala on getting his PhD. 2007-01-17 Resolution 2007-01-17.2
We continue to work on multi-node insert and delete for 1.1. 2007-01-24 Resolution 2007-01-24.1
There will be a Modularization call next week; please join the #xforms IRC channel as well. 2007-02-07 Resolution 2007-02-07.1
We take our current draft of XForms 1.1 to last call, with the inclusion of a non-normative example for output and updates for dates and status. 2007-02-07 Resolution 2007-02-07.2
We resolve to provide comments on XBL 2.0 last call. 2007-02-07 Resolution 2007-02-07.3
We do not add string-compare to XForms 1.1 2007-02-14 Resolution 2007-02-14.1
We temporarily call the new thing XForms Transitional, giving it a few days thought. 2007-02-21 Resolution 2007-02-21.1
We keep XForms 2.0 and keep XForms Simplification and Transitional as the milestone for what was going to be called 1.2. 2007-02-21 Resolution 2007-02-21.2
We forward issues as they are discussed during the call to and have no single captain. 2007-02-28 Resolution 2007-02-28.1
We continue to use Shane's system for keeping track of XForms 1.1 comments. 2007-03-07 Resolution 2007-03-07.1
We accept erratum on propose erratum text for for Commit value on DOMActivate (enter) on input and select1/select selection=open. 2007-03-08 Resolution 2007-03-08.1
Context information for user defined events is a future feature. 2007-03-14 Resolution 2007-03-14.1
Extend the LC period to the end of April 2007-04-04 Resolution 2007-04-04.1
We continue using the emailed minutes. 2007-04-18 Resolution 2007-04-18.1
Empty leaf nodes do get submitted. 2007-05-09 Resolution 2007-05-09.1
We discuss at the F2F and encourage Erik Bruchez to call in. 2007-05-16 Resolution 2007-05-16.1 are editorial and should be addressed by John Boyer and Erik. 2007-05-23 Resolution 2007-05-23.1
For We accepted the new defaults for relevant and validate and we changed the xforms-submit-event default processing. and bullets 2 and 3. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.1
We implemented by removing mustUnderstand module and references to it. XML Schema changes are pending. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.2
We have closed all outstanding technical issues from Bjoern Hermann. We received no response on our final messages. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.3
For we accept with modification; we find that calculate merely defaults readonly to true, and that it can be set to false, and that there are use cases, namely default value. We tested the use case and found it works. We changed the note in 4.3.6 [] and put an example in MIP for readonly [] 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.4
We implement by a substantive change, adding a sort function that uses Unicode collation 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.5
We add a note to Common Attributes: "Elements can be identified using any attribute of type ID (such as xml:id), not just the id attribute defined above." 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.6
We move XForms 1.0 to an informative reference. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.7
We cannot move xforms:dayTimeDuration and xforms:yearMonthDuration to the xs:types from XQuery 1.0 / XSLT 2.0 because XForms 1.1 is based on XML Schema 1.0 and XPath 1.0. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.8
We change xsd:schema and children to xs:schema and children, and add a definition of the xs:namespace, but leave occurrences the definition xmlns:xsd="" and the uses on datatypes, because that's what XML Schema Part 0 does. Implementors will already note that XML Schema requires handling of type definitions in the xmlns:xsd="" namespace without special instruction from XForms. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.9
We agree that XForms-specific procedures should be harmonized with XPath 2.0 functions library where possible. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.10
We change the Luhn reference from ISO/IEC 7912-1 to expired patent "U.S. PATENT 2,950,048 Computer for Verifying Numbers.", H.P. Luhn. We change terminology from "Luhn formula" to "Luhn algorithm" to make finding the Wikipedia entry easy. We retain "Luhn function" for now. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.11
We do not break into groups (yet). 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.12
We remove the XForms 1.0 requirements and do not add XForms 1.1. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.13
An ITS rule file is not a normative part of the recommendation and we would be happy to provide some meeting time to help I18N WG create it, but we do not have the resources to create it. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.14
We accept the correction to XForms and SVG Example by removing the accent mark, as the word "latte" is Italian, not French, so it's "latte" with no accent. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.15
We re-write and simplify G.1 XForms in XHTML to be in one language, and move to XHTML1. 2007-06-13 Resolution 2007-06-13.16 On point 1, we made the change to section 6.2.1. So on point 2 we decided it was already in agreement; on point 3, the same instance data outside of an XForms processor might have xsi:schemaLocation processing on, but it is indeed off in XForms. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.1
On We accept Erik Bruchez's request to clarify that the empty string is returned by insert event binding if none is specified. We also ask for clarification on the feature and its use case, because in general, it is not possible for the form author to resolve the value without knowing the context and without knowing whether the binding is a bind IDREF or an XPath expression. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.2
For we change 6a and 6b to say that the insert location is the attribute list of the insert location node's parent element. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.3
For we change to error-information with hyphen. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.4
For XPath 2.0 features, though valuable, are not in scope of the XForms 1.1 requirements, so we accept this as for XForms 1.2 future features. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.5
For , we change section 3.3.1 to default model version to empty, and define empty to mean that the processor gets to choose the version. If no version chosen is available, the xforms-version-exception is dispatched to the default model. The declaration on the default model is used to make the choice. Later models may offer declarations of model version but xforms-version-exception is dispatched to the default model if their declarations are incompatible with the version chosen. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.6
For, and, they all accept empty; we are fixing the confusing text. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.7
For , we remove the asterisks and the table of xsd types and replace it with mention of XSD types, no indication of what XForms 1.0 Basic Profile might or might not do, and a table of xforms-namespace datatypes. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.8
For We approve. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.9
For we respond that we accept and will be clearer, but there is something in section 6 already. 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.10
For we respond that we would like to a regular expression that matches email addresses including international ones (both left and right of @). 2007-06-14 Resolution 2007-06-14.11
For , the setfocus, toggle, and setindex actions will run the actions indicated by the deferred-update flags (which will clear the flags). 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.1
For we add the context() function to return the in-scope evaluation context for the element containing the attribute containing the xpath expression. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.2 number 3, delay="" is the default and means synchronous dispatch with no delay; and delay="0" is asynchronous, and delay as a positive integer is a delay as currently specified. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.3
For issue 16 we agree that the in-scope evaluation context is determined statically, by the lexical position of the handler definition, and so the secondModel default submission will be used. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.4
For issue 19 we decide to mirror message. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.5
We remove the prompt action from XForms 1.1. 2007-06-15 Action 2007-06-15.9 Resolution 2007-06-15.6
For we accept and remove prompt. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.7
For we accept. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.8 part 1 we accept that the wording for display:inline should be changed and added for all form controls (inline or block) 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.9 part 2 so that there are implementation requirements for MIPs. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.10
We accept with modifications; we add a value attribute to output/mediatype. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.11
For #27 we remove the two referenced bullet points about "explanation." 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.12
For we accept with modifications; instead of the half-detached behavior we propose a parallel event context value listing parents of deleted nodes, with positional correspondence. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.13
For we accept and will re-word. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.14
For we agree and have done it. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.15 We put src back on instance. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.16
For we agree to study John Boyer's proposal binding to text instead of first text node but not implement it at this point. 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.17
We defer 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.18
We approve 2007-06-15 Resolution 2007-06-15.19
For we decide the current wording is OK and await implementation feedback during CR from any implementations (particularly those not using at least DOM2 internally). 2007-06-20 Resolution 2007-06-20.1
For we agree to change the wording for single-node binding and setvalue to "element content" as defined by (Rule 43) instead of the current first text node definition. 2007-06-20 Resolution 2007-06-20.2
Next call will take place as planned 2007-06-27 Resolution 2007-06-27.1
We will continue with Dec 4, w/o Steven 2007-06-27 Resolution 2007-06-27.2
We change the version attribute erratum to "may and include a note saying that it's for forward compatibility and implementors are encouraged to add it". We remove it from the list of changes that require test suite changes. 2007-07-18 Resolution 2007-07-18.1
We'd submit XForms 1.0 TE to PER. 2007-07-18 Resolution 2007-07-18.2;user=guest;statetype=1;upostype=-1;changetype=-1;restype=-1 was a reply to 106 and Steven deleted it. 2007-07-18 Resolution 2007-07-18.3
For, we remove binding property from xforms-insert and xforms-delete 2007-07-25 Resolution 2007-07-25.1
We default submission/@indent to false. 2007-07-25 Resolution 2007-07-25.2
We accept the verb changes provided by John. 2007-07-25 Resolution 2007-07-25.3
We modify and accept to use the official names only (upper case and with hyphens where used). 2007-08-01 Resolution 2007-08-01.1
For XForms 1.1 we deprecate if, make choose return objects, and make the minor editorial changes to choose. 2007-08-15 Resolution 2007-08-15.1
For we accept. 2007-08-15 Resolution 2007-08-15.2
We do not accept the "return" change to input. 2007-08-22 Resolution 2007-08-22.1
We issue an erratum for XForms 1.0 and later editions that there is a default script for inputmode and that modifiers such asdigits apply to the default. 2007-08-22 Resolution 2007-08-22.2
We add SMIL 3.0 review to F2F agenda 2007-08-29 Resolution 2007-08-29.1
required and invalid fields should be presented specially, and form authors should have control over presentation and processors may vary the presentation style and time and processors should use CSS if it is available. 2007-08-29 Resolution 2007-08-29.2
We continue to discuss at the F2F 2007-08-29 Resolution 2007-08-29.3
Meet at Puerta del Sol, under the clock,at 8:00 for coffee, leaving at 8:45. Meeting is at SATEC at 9:30-17:30, with lunch at 1:30. 2007-09-05 Resolution 2007-09-05.1
Accept issue 155 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.1
Defer issue 24 to XForms 2.0 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.2
Don't change the abstract 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.3
Reject issue 125 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.4
Modify and accept issue 126: ADD odf, BUT DON'T REFERENCE IT 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.5
Accept issue 162 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.6
Reject issue 171 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.7
Accept issue 163 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.8
Accept issue 4 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.9
for issue 137 stick with types defined in schema 1.0 and add new types when we transition to later versions of schema 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.10
move DOM interface hasFeature method discussion to section 4 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.11
return value for hasFeature for DOM interface is that it returns 1.0 level of the DOM not referring to xforms 1.1 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.12
for issue 140 to defer adoption of xpath 2.0 to later version of xforms 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.13
for Issue 141 that xpath 2.0 will be adopted in a future xforms version 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.14
for issue 143 defer namespacing for xforms functions to discussion of xpath 2.0 in later version of xforms 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.15
for issue 144 not to namespace qualify "if" in xforms 1.1 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.16
for issue 149 design of id function unchanged -- any differences with xpath 2.0 to be addressed when we transition to it 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.17
for Issue 145 to accept semantic limitations of random() 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.18
to issue 146 calculate and setvalue amended with exception if data contains invalid xml chars, and note added to decode to this effect 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.19
for issue 146 maintain the original names for encode/decode to allow for controlling encode/decode from instance data and to add more encodings later 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.20
for issue 146 delete encode/decode 2007-09-12 Resolution 2007-09-12.21
No name change, no leap seconds for seconds-from-DateTime 2007-09-13 Resolution 2007-09-13.1
Clarify that now() returns Z time only and add examples, keep local-dateTime() and add examples that juxtapose to now() 2007-09-13 Resolution 2007-09-13.2
Respond to issue 12 by saying that the method by which the XForms processor gets the timezone info from the user agent is not specified because it is implementation-defined. 2007-09-13 Resolution 2007-09-13.3
Accept 11. Instead of implementation default when no tz info available, it should return the time followed by Z, which is the canonical form. 2007-09-13 Resolution 2007-09-13.4
We clarify the lexical space of all the XForms data types, and we link to lexical space definitions in 8.1.1. 2007-09-13 Resolution 2007-09-13.5
Defer changes to MIP events for now because we need a broader based redesign of events for controls and possibly also for model. 2007-09-13 Resolution 2007-09-13.6
2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.1
Defer issue 28 to XForms 1.2;user=guest;statetype=1;upostype=-1;changetype=-1;restype=-1 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.2
We shoot action 2006-05-31.5 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.3
We accept that a better definition is needed and definition for what happens when you use a dynamic dep. in the model 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.4
Remove By default, all binding expressions refer to the first instancewithin the context model. This behavior can be changed with the instance() function." 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.5
For issue 41 point 3, a computed expression is not a kind of model binding expression AND clarify that dynamic dep. issues affect both model binding expressions and computed expressions 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.6
We allow dynamic dependencies in the UI 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.7
change "3. All UI bindings should be reevaluated as necessary." to "3. All UI bindings should be reevaluated." 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.8
We will not change the text related to xforms-refresh in 4.6.7 Sequence Value Change 2007-09-14 Resolution 2007-09-14.9
Select items with blanks or empty values do not affect the storage value and these items should not be selectable by the user. 2007-09-19 Resolution 2007-09-19.1
issue 89 we agree that the control present an out-of-range condition in this scenario, and to rewrite the paragraph to clarify that behavior. 2007-09-19 Resolution 2007-09-19.2
issue 89 we propose that the behavior be non-destructive and choose option 2a. 2007-09-19 Resolution 2007-09-19.3
Respond to i18n group by saying that yes we do now say xsd:anyURI in the normative part of the spec. 2007-09-26 Resolution 2007-09-26.1
We adopt adjust-dateTime-to-timezone from in the single-parameter version only. 2007-10-03 Resolution 2007-10-03.1
Deletion or replacement of a node (subtree) is forbidden if the parent of a node is readonly, but allowed if only the node itself is readonly. 2007-10-10 Resolution 2007-10-10.1
We leave the issue of default method=get for a future release. 2007-10-17 Resolution 2007-10-17.1
We add a note to the spec saying that nillable doesn't apply when applied through the type MIP. 2007-10-17 Resolution 2007-10-17.2
We answer as a future request but make no changes to xsi:type which is processed regardless of whether a schema is imported. 2007-10-17 Resolution 2007-10-17.3
We defer 2007-10-24 Resolution 2007-10-24.1
2007-11-05 Resolution 2007-11-05.1
Resolve to eliminate special case target location processing for attributes and fix Example B.4 2007-11-05 Resolution 2007-11-05.2
make input modes an informative appendix 2007-11-05 Resolution 2007-11-05.3
We request transition CR of XForms 1.1 with 2007-11-14 Resolution 2007-11-14.1
We go to 90 minute calls, starting 15 minutes earlier and ending 15 minutes later, in January. 2007-11-21 Resolution 2007-11-21.1
We resolve to have three F2F meetings per year, four days per meeting, and that the final meeting is half-virtual, half-TPAC. 2007-11-21 Resolution 2007-11-21.2
F2F in June 9-12, 2008 in Amsterdam. 2007-11-21 Resolution 2007-11-21.3
We add something like "simplify and provide use cases for UI events and model events" on the list of five things for XForms 1.2. 2007-12-12 Resolution 2007-12-12.1
Add to XForms 1.2 the capability to define interfaces to and implementations of extensions for both side-effect and side-effect-free operations, along with the specification of which points these extensions may be invoked, including but not limited to XPath expressions and actions. 2007-12-19 Resolution 2007-12-19.1
We take a two week teleconference break and we cancel December 26 and January 2.January 9th is the first of the 90-minute calls, with some absences. 2007-12-5 Resolution 2007-12-5.1
For the card type, set length restriction of min=2, no max. Insert example of Canadian social insurance number. 2008-01-09 Resolution 2008-01-09.1
Allow the action element to have 0 children in XForms 1.1 2008-02-01 Resolution 2008-02-01.1
We will postpone allowing value and single node binding together on the same contol for now 2008-02-01 Resolution 2008-02-01.1
We will use the namespace "" to identify author-defined functions in a document, wether they are defined inline with script or using the proposed function element. 2008-02-06 Resolution 2008-02-06.1
We respond to say that we have no objections to XML 1.0 PER 5. 2008-02-13 Resolution 2008-02-13.1
We limit XForms 1.2 requirements to and list optional items in the wiki to be done after first draft,if possible. 2008-02-20 Resolution 2008-02-20.1
We resolve to rename submission/@target for XForms 1.1 2008-04-16 Resolution 2008-04-16.1
Proceed to spec ready text on simplified syntax and canonical form expressed in plus name attr on bind as way to create variables 2008-04-2 Resolution 2008-04-2.1
We revoke our previous resolution and keep submission/@target as is, since we now understand that in the future we may take advantage of other attributes and XSLT 2.0 doc() function to refer to parts of the host document. 2008-04-30 Resolution 2008-04-30.1
Defer model/@src to XForms 2.0 and we solve the cross-model interface problem there too. 2008-05-14 Resolution 2008-05-14.1
change valid/invalid definition to account for required but empty, change submission validation to match, and add CSS pseudoclass and example for "value-empty" 2008-05-21 Resolution 2008-05-21.1
In XForms 1.1 switch SOAP behavior to say that submission encoding provides charset to accept header if submission mediatype does not express charset. 2008-06-18 Resolution 2008-06-18.1
We move to XML Events 2 for XForms 1.2 2008-07-16 Resolution 2008-07-16.1
We refactor 1.2 instance data modult into two: a data island and the setvalue/insert/delete. 2008-07-23 Resolution 2008-07-23.1
For future versions, we change MIPs that accept boolean values to say that they use the XPath boolean function to convert the value to boolean, except if the value is the string "false" in which case we treat it as a boolean false. 2008-09-10 Resolution 2008-09-10.1
For we create a new exception tentatively named xforms-id-not-found. 2008-09-17 Resolution 2008-09-17.1
We keep on hand the use case for but plan to solve it with a higher-level meta language such as XBL, not XForms. 2008-09-17 Resolution 2008-09-17.2
We add case() function from xxforms:case('switch id') to XForms 2.0 once the Wiki is back up. 2008-09-17 Resolution 2008-09-17.3
We remove "notification event only" from XForms 1.1 as it is not normatively defined and is causing confusion. 2008-09-3 Resolution 2008-09-3.1
We rescind in the light of this discussion, and 2008-11-19 Resolution 2008-11-19.1
We change the name of to "XForms for HTML" 2008-11-19 Resolution 2008-11-19.2
After completion of the action items for today that we take to first public WD under the shortname xforms-for-html 2008-11-19 Resolution 2008-11-19.3
We keep repeat-* attributes in XForms 1.1 the way that they are, as repeating content, as tested by 2008-12-10 Resolution 2008-12-10.1
No call December 24th or December 31st. 2008-12-3 Resolution 2008-12-3.1
For we fix the test case and defer possible changes to processing of lazy-authoring empty instances to XForms 1.2. 2009-02-25 Resolution 2009-02-25.1
We re-visit and for XForms 1.2. 2009-02-25 Resolution 2009-02-25.2
We accept implementation feedback for XForms 1.1 2009-02-25 Resolution 2009-02-25.3
The Forms WG sees value in the November TPAC and many members plan to attend. 2009-02-25 Resolution 2009-02-25.4
We drop test 7.11.2.b because there is another test of the event function and this test is erroneous. 2009-02-25 Resolution 2009-02-25.5
keep @separator, but change default to ampersand 2009-03-04 Resolution 2009-03-04.1
We agree to consider control of serialization of attachments in a future version of XForms. 2009-04-1 Resolution 2009-04-1.1 is an issue but beyond 1.1. 2009-04-22 Resolution 2009-04-22.1
We add @targetid to dispatch and @targetref to submission in XForms 1.1 and deprecate @target. 2009-04-22 Resolution 2009-04-22.2
request advancement of XForms 1.1 to PR based on the document here: 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.1
We cancel the July 1st, 2009 teleconference. 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.1
July 15, 2009 chair Charlie Wiecha, minutes Steven Pemberton. 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.2
We cancel the July 22nd, 2009 teleconference. 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.3
import with src/resource for model-only content resolved once during model-construct with error on cyclic import as a direct child of model 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.1
For XForms 1.2, we will specify UI events designed for form author use, and will test for coverage and ease of use against use cases, and will separately consider the question of events for custom controls or model-only processors, and will make good-faith efforts not to impede that direction in the future. 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.1
The current "XForms for HTML" document is renamed to "XForms attributes for HTML". 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.1
For XForms 1.2, we relax the constraint that only one MIP can apply to a given node. Depending on MIP: type: logical AND; constraint: logical AND; required: logical OR; readonly: logical OR; relevant: logical AND; calculate: "disallow"; p3ptype: "disallow". 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.2
We deprecate p3ptype in XForms 1.2. 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.3
The primary use case for JSON with XForms 1.2 is to support interaction with existing data-centric JSON services, not for full-fidelity document-centric XML import/export. 2009-05-13 Resolution 2009-05-13.1
Virtual FtF days for 2009: June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th and July 2nd; 1400-1600 UTC, then an hour break, then 1700-2000 UTC. 2009-05-20 Resolution 2009-05-20.1
We adopt Leigh's test of xforms-model-destruct with load/@show= new in 2009-05-6 Resolution 2009-05-6.1
We remove test for optional feature optional feature 11.9.p because the optional feature itself is tested in 11.9.r, and rename 11.9.r to 11.9.p. 2009-05-6 Resolution 2009-05-6.2
We accept John Boyer's proposed changes to XForms 1.1 test 4.4.2.a deleted nodes. 2009-06-3 Resolution 2009-06-3.1
We accept John Boyer's proposed changes to XForms 1.1 test 4.5.1.a4 binding exception. 2009-06-3 Resolution 2009-06-3.2
Delete test 4.4.21.a - should be deleted because it was moved to 4.5.5. 2009-06-3 Resolution 2009-06-3.3
We extend our TPAC F2F to Thursday and Friday, possibly offsite at Xerox if no hotel meeting space is available. 2009-08-26 Resolution 2009-08-26.1
We move our next F2F Virtual Day to October 1, 7AM-1PM PDT, 10AM-4PM EDT, 1400Z-1900Z. 2009-08-26 Resolution 2009-08-26.2
We remove @visible and @draggable from dialog for FPWD for XForms 1.2. 2009-08-5 Resolution 2009-08-5.1
We send the version containing the minor changes John is about to make to Rec. 2009-09-30 Resolution 2009-09-30.1
We will focus on XForms 1.2 issues at the upcoming F2F. 2009-10-14 Resolution 2009-10-14.1
We will discuss XForms 1.2 features at the upcoming FtF. 2009-10-28 Resolution 2009-10-28.1
Submit recharter document at 2009-11-06 Resolution 2009-11-06.1
Next vFtF December 10th, 10:00AM EST-12:00 EST, 1:00 PM EST - 4:00 PM EST. Steven Pemberton: 2009-11-18 Resolution 2009-11-18.1
Our last teleconference for 2009 will be December 16th, and the first will be January 6, 2010. 2009-12-2 Resolution 2009-12-2.1
We change the label in test 10.5.a to say "3" instead of "2" messages. 2010-01-13 Resolution 2010-01-13.1
We change 5.1.b to add normalizedString as an exception to xforms-invalid test, as in 5.1.a (for string). 2010-01-13 Resolution 2010-01-13.2
We target the event at xf:instance and move action handlers to a siblings of xf:instance. 2010-01-13 Resolution 2010-01-13.3
We fix 4.6.3.a to use group/label/text() instead of group/text(). 2010-01-13 Resolution 2010-01-13.4
We begin to collect XForms 1.1 Edition 2 Thin Test Suite, containing both new or changed tests for existing assertions, and new or changed tests for current and forthcoming errata. 2010-01-27 Action 2010-01-27.1 Resolution 2010-01-27.1
Next F2F in Boston in conjunction with AC Meeting, March 24-26. 2010-01-6 Resolution 2010-01-6.1
Dispatching xforms-submit-done and xforms-submit-error after submission/@replace='all' is optional and is not as important as other considerations, such as conforming to non-XForms user agent requirements of showing the page's URI and back button. While some non-native (JavaScript and server-side) XForms+XHTML implementations have been able to use techniques to retain most of these advantages in the complex cases of POST with application/xml serialization, we still see it as more important to conform to greater user-agent expectations in easier cases, such as <submission method='get' replace='all'>. 2010-02-24 Resolution 2010-02-24.1
We change our call ending time to 1700z. 2010-02-3 Resolution 2010-02-3.1
We continue to discuss XBL2 and XForms. 2010-02-3 Resolution 2010-02-3.2
We agree with Mohamed Zergaoui's comments on the Forms WG Rechartering. 2010-03-17 Resolution 2010-03-17.1
For validation and schemas, we keep label first in controls as it's so specified in the XForms 1.1 Recommendation. 2010-03-3 Resolution 2010-03-3.1
We plan to investigate relaxing ordering constraints for labels and other elements in XForms 1.2. 2010-03-3 Resolution 2010-03-3.2
In XForms 1.2, the ref attribute always returns a nodeset; we allow the ref attribute everywhere that nodeset is currently used; we deprecate nodeset; if both are present, the ref attribute takes precedence. The consuming element decides what to do with the nodeset. 2010-03-31 Resolution 2010-03-31.1
We encourage implementors to experiment with @ref-everywhere now; we encourage authors who wish to experiment to use @ref or @ref plus @nodeset. 2010-03-31 Resolution 2010-03-31.2
@xforms:bind and @xforms:ref are allowed as global attributes. They return a nodeset, and the consuming host language decides which additional services of XForms to associate with that nodeset (e.g. UI bindings) 2010-03-31 Action 2010-03-31.2 Resolution 2010-03-31.3
Forms WG encourages XForms 1.1 implementers to provide early experimental adoption of "multiple MIP" resolution appearing in 2010-04-7 Resolution 2010-04-7.1

Outstanding Action Items

Mark Birbeck
Description Date Created Status References
Nick van den Bleeken and Mark Birbeck to write up submission, submit, and send attributes and child nesting. 2008-01-09 open Action 2008-01-09.6
Mark Birbeck to check with XML Events Rec on documentation for when default handlers can be run with regard to input/send[@ev:event=DOMActivate] committing values. 2007-09-05 open Action 2007-09-05.2
Mark Birbeck to check his implementation decisions on (encoding, charset and SOAP) 2007-05-02 open Action 2007-05-02.4
John Boyer
Description Date Created Status References
John_Boyer to create erratum category on the forms wiki 2009-05-13 open
John_Boyer towrite erratum supporting xsd:duration and xforms:duration 2009-05-13 open
john_boyer to write up erratum text for encoding consistent with i18n and xlink recommendations 2009-05-13 open
John Boyer to add New tests 11.9.1.b and 11.9.1.c (and .d for #fragment) to XForms 1.1 Edition 2 Thin Test Suite: 2010-01-27 open Action 2010-01-27.1
John Boyer to publish files from from as individual files in TBD location for testing. 2010-01-13 open Action 2010-01-13.4
John Boyer to publish from in current zip location. 2010-01-13 open Action 2010-01-13.3
John Boyer to propose erratum for XForms 1.1 to allow extension element in all toplevel elements. 2009-12-9 open Action 2009-12-9.4
John Boyer to issue XForms 1.1 erratum to fix select and select1 to put ui-common* before and after list-ui-common+. 2009-12-9 open Action 2009-12-9.2
John Boyer to issue XForms 1.1 erratum to section 12.1 and 12.2 to use "expected to" instead of "MUST" and "SHOULD". 2009-12-9 open Action 2009-12-9.1
John Boyer to produce proposed erratum for miscellaneous XPath expressions so that all XPath expression except for MIP will get an xforms-binding-exception if something is wrong with the XPath. @at, @value, a few other places that aren't SNB or @nodeset. 2009-12-2 open Action 2009-12-2.5
John Boyer to fix small typo in 2009-10-28 open Action 2009-10-28.2
John_Boyer to write up selected attribute and child element with SNB for data-driven switch, overriding selected attribute on case 2009-05-13 open
John_Boyer to write up first spec text for context everywhere, context on bind elements 2009-05-13 open
John Boyer to provide informative links between the two case elements in XForms 1.1. 2009-06-10 open Action 2009-06-10.5
John_Boyer to add test for sequencing of relevance pruning before validation [recorded in] 2009-03-25 open
John_Boyer to add test for using submission for validation purposes [recorded in] 2009-03-25 open
John Boyer to explore design-for-test assertions in XForms for XHTML using this as an example: 2009-02-18 open Action 2009-02-18.4
John Boyer to find reviewer to do a feature comparison of HTML5 and XForms for HTML. 2008-12-10 open Action 2008-12-10.4
John contact the validator team, the communications team and IBM's AC-rep about adding XForms + XHTML to the W3C validator [recorded in] 2008-11-26 open
John Boyer to provide spec-ready text for case() 2008-09-24 open Action 2008-09-24.4
John Boyer to write up spec-ready text proposal for 1.2 for Behavior of replace=text for submissions that retrieve non-text as in 2008-04-2 open Action 2008-04-2.1
John_Boyer to solve default trigger problem for 1.2 by coming up with better DOMActivate behavior and then creating the ease of authoring shorthand 2008-02-01 open
Erik Bruchez
Description Date Created Status References
Erik and John to report on use cases and experience on XInclude and form parts as feedback to group. 2009-05-13 open
Erik Bruchez to prepare for contact with Michael Kay on XPath 2.0. 2010-01-27 open Action 2010-01-27.6
Erik Bruchez to write example use case for proposal to extend filtering on the event phase and send it to public-forms and TV Raman for comment. 2010-01-20 open Action 2010-01-20.2
Erik Bruchez to propose revampled XPath exceptions for XForms 1.2 as part of XPath 2.0 work. 2009-12-2 open Action 2009-12-2.6
Erik ednote out of issue of whether function names can be NCName 2009-05-13 open
Erik Bruchez to change event phase property to use capture, bubble, at_target to string with names from DOM2, but an editors note to coordinate with XML Events 2. 2009-08-5 open Action 2009-08-5.2
Erik Bruchez to create XForms 1.2 wiki page about event context info using and ending with four dashes, newline, left bracket dquote CategoryXForms12 dquote right bracket. 2009-07-29 open Action 2009-07-29.1
ebruchez to fix test 11.1.1 a (fix @ref and and add @mediatype) 2009-03-04 open
Erik Bruchez to investigate adding XPath 2.0 to XForms 1.2 in a modular way that encompasses adding other pluggable languages in the future. 2007-12-19 open Action 2007-12-19.4
Erik Bruchez to produce spec-ready text for XForms 1.2 extensions. 2007-12-19 open Action 2007-12-19.2
Erik Bruchez to send email towrite up initial draft for extensions. 2007-12-19 open Action 2007-12-19.1
Leigh Klotz
Description Date Created Status References
Leigh Klotz to rename XForms for HTML to XForms Attributes for HTML 2009-05-13 open
Leigh Klotz to investigate Owen Newnan schema issues and report to list. 2010-03-3 open Action 2010-03-3.1
Leigh Klotz to document "XForms for HTML" goals for group agreement. 2009-05-13 open
Leigh Klotz to update repeat attributes on XHTML+XForms to ol, ul, table, tbody, li, and div and do two different zip files (one for XHTML+XForms with files at toplevel and one for XForms11 with just the xforms11 files.) 2010-01-6 open Action 2010-01-6.4
Leigh Klotz to investigate feedback on the RELAXNG schema on www-forms-editor: 2010-01-6 open Action 2010-01-6.3
Leigh Klotz to examine for WG Note. 2009-12-2 open Action 2009-12-2.1
Leigh Klotz to write up better targeting for load, not just a window but into a #id 2009-11-18 open Action 2009-11-18.3
Leigh Klotz to write up target=new for submission for 2009-11-18 open Action 2009-11-18.2
Steven Pemberton and Leigh Klotz to 1) technical work to create XHTML1+XForms validator, and 2) admin work to get the XHTML1+XForms validator onto as a document type 2009-11-18 open Action 2009-11-18.1
Leigh Klotz to propose new wording for XForms 1.1 relevant property for 2009-10-14 open Action 2009-10-14.3
Leigh Klotz to look at XHR today and provide draft comments: 2009-10-14 open Action 2009-10-14.2
Leigh Klotz to contact Sam Ruby about HTML RNG Schema for adding XForms for HTML validation. 2009-03-18 open Action 2009-03-18.1
Leigh and Steven to publish XForms 1.0 Basic. 2006-09-06 open Action 2006-09-6.1
Ulrich Nicolas Lissé
Description Date Created Status References
Uli Lissé to send comment to XHTML2 to ask for XML Events 2 dispatch-event to be able to set context information, and also access context information in a handler if that's not currently possible. 2009-06-17 open Action 2009-06-17.1
Uli and Nick on "Better DOM interface to expose all actions " 2008-02-06 open
Steven Pemberton
Description Date Created Status References
Steven Pemberton to read and report back on semantic differences and whether click can be used only in certain locations. 2010-04-7 open Action 2010-04-7.2
Steven Pemberton to summarize @ref @nodeset @reftype discussion. 2010-03-3 open Action 2010-03-3.3
Steven Pemberton to investigate trackbot issue tracking system, for comparison to wiki. 2010-03-3 open Action 2010-03-3.2
Steven Pemberton to create XForms12 Category wiki page entry to document Resolution 2010-03-31.1 for @ref-everywhere and Resolution 2010-03-31.3 for global @xforms:bind and @xforms:ref. 2010-03-31 open Action 2010-03-31.2
Steven Pemberton to contact Kenneth Sklander about JSON to XML mapping. 2010-01-20 open Action 2010-01-20.4
Steven Pemberton and Leigh Klotz to 1) technical work to create XHTML1+XForms validator, and 2) admin work to get the XHTML1+XForms validator onto as a document type 2009-11-18 open Action 2009-11-18.1
Steven to write spec ready text for adopting XML Events 2 in XForms 1.2 2009-05-13 open
Steven Pemberton to reply to 0013 0014 0015 saying we are satisfied. 2008-09-10 open Action 2008-09-10.1
Steven Pemberton to propose spec-ready sentence to import XHTML modularization for binding and other documents. 2008-08-6 open Action 2008-08-6.4
Steven Pemberton to reply to to seek agreement on whether RFC2396/RFC3986 change is an issue. 2008-07-09 open Action 2009-07-9.1
Steven will propose wording for appendix E in response to] 2008-03-05 open
Steven to write strawman proposal for Repeat Pattern [recorded in] 2008-02-05 open
Steven to write up use cases and basic design for Structural Constraints [recorded in] 2008-02-05 open
Steven Pemberton to write document about using parallel action/*[@if] and toggle/case to implement state machine. 2007-06-15 open Action 2007-06-15.9
Steven Pemberton to write up example of using group to implement modal dialogs that are stylable by CSS and don't use OS windows. 2007-06-15 open Action 2007-06-15.8
Leigh and Steven to publish XForms 1.0 Basic. 2006-09-06 open Action 2006-09-6.1
Steven to find who can provide an answer to 2006-05-31 open Action 2006-05-31.3
Steven to write up appearance="compact" (xforms:repeat should cause the repeat to be rendered as a table, using the labels of the first row (direct children of the repeat only) as column headers). 2005-11-09 open Action 2005-11-09.20
Steven to respond to DOM 3 events 2009-09-16 open Action 2009-09-16.1
Kenneth Sklander
Description Date Created Status References
Kenneth Sklander to send to list suggestions for inputMode tests. [recorded in] 2009-05-13 open
Kenneth Sklander to provide implementation comments on when to flush event queue for dispatch with delay. 2009-06-10 open Action 2009-06-10.4
Nick Van Den Bleeken
Description Date Created Status References
Nick van den Bleeken to send description of test framework to public-forms 2010-01-27 open Action 2010-01-27.2
Nick to create spec XML for "XForms 1.2: XPath 2.0 Support Module" based on XF 1.1 ch. 7 + wiki content + today's discussion 2009-05-13 open
Nick van den Bleeken to write up new binding on textarea for leafiness. 2009-05-13 open
nick to prepare update to 1.2 spec to reflect default for @method="get" 2009-05-13 open
Nick to write up dialog[ue] first draft 2009-05-13 open
Nick to write up delta spec text for case() function in xpath 1.0 style and covering dependency behavior 2009-05-13 open
Nick to write spec ready text for an xpath function that creates nodes (elements, attributes) 2009-05-13 open
nick to work up xpath 2.0 as optional for dot release of XForms 2009-05-13 open
Nick van den Bleeken to add required tests for @target to @targetid to dispatch and @targetref to submission in XForms 1.1 tests and change the @target tests on dispatch and submission to be recommended. 2009-04-22 open Action 2009-04-22.4
Nick van den Bleeken to read and make proposal for accept providing default to xf:upload/@mediatype and make proposal for accept-charset for 2008-05-14 open Action 2008-05-14.1
Uli and Nick on "Better DOM interface to expose all actions " 2008-02-06 open
Nick van den Bleeken on strawman proposal writing for 2008-01-23 open Action 2008-01-23.2
Nick van den Bleeken to take on general topic of but with changes as necessary. 2008-01-23 open Action 2008-01-23.1
Nick van den Bleeken and Mark Birbeck to write up submission, submit, and send attributes and child nesting. 2008-01-09 open Action 2008-01-09.6
Charlie Wiecha
Description Date Created Status References
Charlie to remove @resource attribute from external models draft. 2009-05-13 open
Charlie Wiecha to fix 11.2.a 2010-01-27 open Action 2010-01-27.4
Charlie Wiecha to explore one or more JSON serializations from with an extensible @fish attribute. 2010-01-20 open Action 2010-01-20.5
Forms Working Group
Description Date Created Status References
David Landwehr to send to mailing list example of issues with allowing bind() function in UI binding. 2006-01-31 open Action 2006-01-31.3
Mark to raise action from resolution that the element with repeat attributes is repeated as well as its content (made in Dulles?). 2005-11-09 open Action 2005-11-09.5
HTML + XForms WGs to look at XHTML2 + XForms to see where there would be problems in allowing everything everywhere (XForms attributes on XHTML2 elements + label on div/section 2005-11-09 open Action 2005-11-09.1
Daniel to add an erratum for the schema to declare bind attributes as global attributes that can be used in other vocabularies. 2005-02-17 open Action 2005-02-17.3