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Issue 202 closed: definition of intermediaries Herve Ruellan (Thursday, 25 April)

Re: [Issue, March 20th 2002] Serializer vs. De-serializer noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Wednesday, 24 April)

TBTF: Editors action item on issue 197 (fwd) Yves Lafon (Thursday, 25 April)

XMLP Issue 193 Closed Marc Hadley (Thursday, 25 April)

Issue 201 Closed Marc Hadley (Thursday, 25 April)

RE: Closure of Issue 36. (was [xml-dist-app] <none> ) Williams, Stuart (Thursday, 25 April)

Issue #203 closed : SOAP Modules Glen Daniels (Wednesday, 24 April)

issue #196 closed Christopher Ferris (Wednesday, 24 April)

[xmlp-comments] <none> John Ibbotson (Wednesday, 24 April)

Closing Issue 82: Header/block distinction Don Mullen (Wednesday, 24 April)

RE: [Issue, March 20th 2002] Locally vs. Globally Scoped (fwd) Jacek Kopecky (Wednesday, 24 April)

RE: [Issue, March 20th 2002] Does EII represent an edge or node? David Fallside (Monday, 22 April)

192 resolution text David Fallside (Monday, 22 April)

Closing issue 192: When is a Fault a Fault? Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Monday, 22 April)

Resolution of Issue 61 David Fallside (Friday, 19 April)

XMLP Issue 197 Closed - Negotiation of features in HTTP binding Marc Hadley (Thursday, 18 April)

FW: SOAP Primer Review Nilo Mitra (EMX) (Tuesday, 16 April)

spelling errors Narasimha Kumar (Monday, 15 April)

closing of issue 54: How much is "without a priori knowledge"? Yves Lafon (Thursday, 11 April)

Closing XMLP Issue 56 - Transport Neutrality Marc Hadley (Thursday, 11 April)

Issue 29 Resolution David Fallside (Wednesday, 10 April)

Closing Issue 188: When should xml declarations appear in examples? Martin Gudgin (Wednesday, 10 April)

Issue Gudge Part 2, 2b Martin Gudgin (Wednesday, 10 April)

RE: SOAP Primer Review Nilo Mitra (EMX) (Tuesday, 9 April)

Resolution of Issue 191 Noah Mendelsohn/Cambridge/IBM (Wednesday, 3 April)

Issue 187: Closed Paul Cotton (Wednesday, 3 April)

Issue 190: closed (default values) Jean-Jacques Moreau (Wednesday, 3 April)

Issue 163 closed: attribute id not a real ID Jacek Kopecky (Tuesday, 2 April)

Re: SOAPAction header vs. action parameter Christopher Ferris (Tuesday, 2 April)

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