Closing issue 192: When is a Fault a Fault?


One behalf of the XML Protocol WG [0] I can inform you that we have
decided to close issue 192 [1], which you raised against the SOAP 1.2
specification. If the resolution outlined below is not acceptable to you
then please respond to this mail with a detailed description of your
concerns and preferably what you see not being addressed as part of the


The WG has reviewed and accepted the proposed resolution described in
[2] with the following amendment to part 1) of the proposal which the
editors have been instructed to incorporate:

"Senders must not send messages that has a Fault element in the body and
also additional elements. If a receiver receives such a message, the
implications are undefined."

Thank you,

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen


Received on Monday, 22 April 2002 11:47:28 UTC