Agenda/Logistics for July 3 telecon

Please let me know if there are other agenda items you'd like included.

AGENDA  Teleconference Web Ontology Working Group
July 3, 1200 (East US), 0900 (West US). 1700 (London)
Duration: 90 min

For those who don't have zakim in their speed dialers:
   Bridge: +1.617.761.6200 passcode 9326#.
   IRC Chat: (port 6665), #webont

Chair: Jim H
Scribe: Jeremy C

1.0 Admin

1.a Roll Call

1.b Next meeting
July 10 - Chair: Guus, Scribe, TBD

1.c PROPOSED: to accept the minutes from previous call (June 26)

1.d Agenda Ammendments

2.0 Action review

2.a ACTIONS Known to have been closed:

[CLOSED] 2. Restriction, DeprecatedClass in OWL Language Reference 31 
March 2003
ACTION: Guus Schreiber will craft process response.

[CLOSED] 10. OWL Reference comment - RDF Schema for OWL
Guus S. sent propose response.  Approved
ACTION: Guus S. to send response

[CLOSED} 30. OWL comment - owl:OntologyProperty
DONE: 12Jun ACTION: Guus.
12Jun minute: Jeremy to respond
ACTION: Guus to make Ref consistent with resolution

2.b other comments still pending (now under 10!)

3. unspecified domain,range in App. C of OWL Language Reference 31 March
CONTINUED: 12Jun ACTION: Mike Dean to respond.

12. Re: privacy in OWL
ACTION: Guus S. to propose response. (moved to JimH)

21. daml:item
ACTION: Jim Hendler. Respond with pointer to Issue 5.5.

22. RDFCore Comments on OWL Reference
Guus sent partial response.
ACTION: Frank van Harmelen to respond to one open element.

25. Comments on Owl REF document
DONE: 12Jun ACTION: Guus (sent to WG, approved by Dan)
ACTION: Guus to send.

28. Non-global Keys
Compound keys not in response.
ACTION: Guus to find record of decision and propose Issue to be postponed.
ACTION: Jim Hendler to add to proposed response.

32. Language Overview Document editorial comments
DONE: 12Jun ACTION: Frank.
12Jun minute: Frank to respond, editorial
ACTION: Guus to find our response.

34. Could owl:sameAs reference non-OWL resources?
12Jun minute: Pat to respond
ACTION: Guus to check status.

38. QA Review of owl-semantics
Sandro sent proposed reply.
ACTION: Jeremy, Jeff.
All editors add link from their document to ALL others.

3.0 owl:sameAs
loose end to tie up - approve owl:sameAs for Lite and DL.

4.0 Compound Keys
Proposal to POSTPONE

5.0 Dan's comments on Owl S&AS

6.0 Last Call comments on Test Document
Comment period has closed - anything new to be done?

7.0 Discussion of Levels issue
Comments by HP, SWAD indicate people can live with current situation. 
Chair is hoping for someone to write a new proposal to close that 
updates the issues list appropriately.

8.0 Discussion of Schedule and next steps
Web Based Strawpoll - CR or PR choices - please fill out the online 
questionairre at:

9.0 AOB

10.0 Adjourn

Professor James Hendler
Director, Semantic Web and Agent Technologies	  301-405-2696
Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab.	  301-405-6707 (Fax)
Univ of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742	  *** 240-277-3388 (Cell)      *** NOTE CHANGED CELL NUMBER ***

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