Proposal to Open and Postpone new issue - compound keys

Mike- here is a new issue to raise, and as chair I declare it open 
(below is a proposal to close by POSTPONING)

TITLE: Compound Keys
  Relational Databases often use keys that are composed of multiple 
fields.  OWL allows keys using owl:InverseFunctionalProperty for a 
single field (property).  It would be desirable for OWL to provide 
the compound keys capability as well.
RAISED BY: J. Hendler based on a Last Call comment raised by Bob 

Proposal to POSTPONE this issue

While compounds keys would be desirable to add, there is some 
difficulty in adding them in the current OWL syntax, similar to the 
problem arising for "qualified" properties (see discussion under 
issue 3.2).  In addition, for the OWL DL profile, it is still 
something of a research issue as to how these are best realized by DL 
reasoners.  There is also a question as to whether mixing datatype 
and object type in a compound key would be allowed, and whether it 
would cause difficulties to reasoners.

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