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Missing SCXML Test Coverage Gavin Kistner (Monday, 30 June)

SCXML Test Plan Coverage Gavin Kistner (Monday, 30 June)

LXSC SCXML Implementation Report Gavin Kistner (Monday, 30 June)

Bad SCXML test ID for assertion 415. Gavin Kistner (Monday, 30 June)

Understanding manual SCXML test 307. Gavin Kistner (Monday, 30 June)

SCXML Test 343 needs invalidLocation Gavin Kistner (Monday, 30 June)

SCXML Algorithm fails for test 579 Gavin Kistner (Sunday, 29 June)

SCXML Test 553 assumes unset variables are invalid Gavin Kistner (Sunday, 29 June)

Make SCXML IRP tests more CI-able Stefan Radomski (Saturday, 28 June)

SCXML Algorithm minor markup tweaks Gavin Kistner (Saturday, 28 June)

More issues with the IRP tests Stefan Radomski (Friday, 27 June)

IDL for SCXML interpreters Stefan Radomski (Friday, 27 June)

Updated IRP for uSCXML Stefan Radomski (Wednesday, 25 June)

test534 - quote the search string please Stefan Radomski (Wednesday, 25 June)

Interpretation Algorithm calls some() on an OrderedSet Gavin Kistner (Tuesday, 24 June)

CfP: FINANCEcom - deadline 10/9 - Enterprise Applications, Markets, and Services in the Finance Industry, Sydney, Australia artur.lugmayr@tut.fi (Tuesday, 24 June)

IRP for uSCXML Stefan Radomski (Monday, 23 June)

IRP: Dead links on IRP page Stefan Radomski (Monday, 23 June)

SCXML Test 354 uses datamodel-specific <content>? Gavin Kistner (Thursday, 19 June)

SCXML Test 354 uses transform-dependent values directly Gavin Kistner (Thursday, 19 June)

SCXML Test 350 uses datamodel-specific expression Gavin Kistner (Thursday, 19 June)

Remove <log> from SCXML test 331? Gavin Kistner (Thursday, 19 June)

Test 330 is missing SCXML namespace Gavin Kistner (Wednesday, 18 June)

Synchronizing Data Models Gavin Kistner (Wednesday, 18 June)

Change to SCXML Test 298 Gavin Kistner (Wednesday, 18 June)

CfP: Academic MindTrek Conference 2014 (30th June'14): MEDIA - Social Media/Digital Games/Ambient Media/Media Business/Information Systems in Media Industries/ICT&E-Gonvernment artur.lugmayr@tut.fi (Saturday, 7 June)

[Icmi2014:20] 2nd Call for papers for Workshops at ICMI 2014 Toyoaki Nishida (Thursday, 5 June)

SCXML is returning to Last Call Dan Burnett (Tuesday, 3 June)

new draft of SCXML published Jim Barnett (Monday, 2 June)

When are cond-expressions evaluated? c64zottel . (Monday, 2 June)

Consequences of the final state? c64zottel . (Sunday, 1 June)

Transitions between parallel tags. c64zottel . (Monday, 26 May)

Recommendation for xml:lang expressions David Wright (Wednesday, 21 May)

Recommendation for new behavior for <subdialog> David Wright (Wednesday, 21 May)

[Icmi2014:19] ICMI 2014: The 2nd Call for Demonstrations and Exhibits Toyoaki Nishida (Monday, 19 May)

[Icmi2014:18] ICMI 2014: CALL FOR WORKSHOP PAPERS Toyoaki Nishida (Tuesday, 13 May)

[Icmi2014:17] ICMI 2014: CALL FOR PAPERS -- the new submission deadline Toyoaki Nishida (Sunday, 4 May)

How many transition tags are allowed under <initial>? c64zottel . (Sunday, 27 April)

Broken SCXML test links Gavin Kistner (Tuesday, 15 April)

SCXML Tests assume Invalid Data Model Locations Gavin Kistner (Tuesday, 15 April)

Need to pre-declare SCXML data? Gavin Kistner (Tuesday, 15 April)

Has anyone had a chance to review the revised algorithm yet? Jim Barnett (Saturday, 12 April)

Intelligent Personal Assistants and Education Technology Adam Sobieski (Saturday, 5 April)

another try at fixing history states Jim Barnett (Wednesday, 9 April)

added test 580 Jim Barnett (Tuesday, 8 April)

test 579 updated Jim Barnett (Tuesday, 8 April)

[Icmi2014:16] Second Call for Participation: ICMI 2014 Doctoral Consortium 16th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction Toyoaki Nishida (Wednesday, 2 April)

[Icmi2014:15] ICMI 2014: Call for Demonstrations and Exhibits Toyoaki Nishida (Tuesday, 1 April)

Re: test for default history content Zjnue Brzavi (Tuesday, 1 April)

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