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WebNet 98 New CFP (Orlando, Florida) Assoc Advancement Computers Education (Friday, 27 February)

Please use irc: URIs to refer to IRC chat rooms Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 25 February)

[www-talk] <none> Igor Olemskoi (Wednesday, 25 February)

delete fang fang (Wednesday, 25 February)

Re: Patent pending: Network-based classified information systems. (fwd) Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Tuesday, 24 February)

Patentability of HTML tags. Dudley Mills (Sunday, 22 February)

patent pending -- is this a bad precedent Daniel Hellerstein (Friday, 20 February)

Lang. in rfc1766 Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (Friday, 20 February)

Re: Patent pending: Network-based classified information systems Renato Iannella (Friday, 20 February)

Need help with OpenVMS implementation of CERN or OSU terry_schwarz@ibi.com (Wednesday, 18 February)

Patent pending: Network-based classified information systems. Dudley Mills (Wednesday, 18 February)

Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-rfced-info-coar-00.txt Rodent of Unusual Size (Tuesday, 17 February)

Resolving relative URI's Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (Sunday, 15 February)

Newbie: Determining end of file Chris (Friday, 13 February)

[www-talk] <none> Thuróczy Gergely (Friday, 13 February)

Tricky Form/POST problem Chris (Friday, 13 February)

HTTP for Dummies?? Chris (Thursday, 12 February)

POSTing with a Socket Chris (Thursday, 12 February)

Information and Content Exchange Steven Clift (Thursday, 12 February)

base 64 ND Szakal (Monday, 9 February)

Question: 302 redirect & java applets Brad Morrow (Monday, 2 February)

File Uploading Saksena, Anju (Anju)** CTR ** (Monday, 2 February)

Is there an address limit on MAILTO tag? Andrea Sacchetto (Monday, 2 February)

CfP: Workshop "Intelligent Information Integration" during ECAI'98 Holger Wache (Monday, 2 February)

302 redirections and base url danielh@econ.ag.gov (Saturday, 24 January)

publisher-browser negotiation Mark Steinberger (Saturday, 24 January)

Windows98 Artem Prosvirkin (Saturday, 20 December)

how i can get WWW by email Artem Prosvirkin (Friday, 19 December)

ONEHALF Artem Prosvirkin (Thursday, 18 December)

Pentium-MMX Artem Prosvirkin (Thursday, 18 December)

c++ programming MNewman943 (Wednesday, 21 January)

Server response 400. Why? hooi_leng.t.szakal@bellatlantic.com (Friday, 16 January)

PERL & PWS Mwangala Irene Muyoyeta (Tuesday, 13 January)

upload protocol Ekki Thomsen (Monday, 12 January)

CGI-output William Hill (Monday, 12 January)

Server - proxy communications Jacob W. Anderson (Sunday, 11 January)

Form-based Device Input and Upload in HTML (final) James Salsman (Sunday, 4 January)

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